Case studies bring your products and services to life for potential customers. They can be an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing proof that what your business offers is worth having.

Case studies are extremely effective at the ‘consideration’ stage of the buyer journey, when customers are actively comparing solutions and providers to solve a problem they're experiencing.

Let’s have a closer look at how a good case study strategy can help increase lead generation and increase your bottom line.

A good case study helps paint a clear picture to your potential buyers of what success looks like when they use your service.

It’s usually an in-depth blog post, PDF, infographic or video, accompanied by images, statistics and quotes focusing on how a particular product, service or project has been successful for a client. 

Prospective customers care more about seeing how your product has been implemented than they care about hearing you talk about what you can potentially do.

They prove that you’re able to accomplish what you say you can do, based on real results and real stories, not just theories or advertising spin.

Case studies give your company more credibility and show that people are using your product and having success doing so.

The more detail you include, the more authority you can potentially create for your company - but still keep it clear and easy to read.

Make your case study unique to your company - how can your product or service solve the issues that customers are experiencing while your competitors can’t?

By using a case study you are showing you can solve problems, but how is your company different from other providers in the marketplace?

For instance, you could begin by identifying what the client approached you about, their original goals and the problems they were facing.

Next, you should explain how you tackled the problem and any issues that arose along the way.

If you’re able to back up your case study with data, statistics and a glowing quote from the client, all the better. And populating the piece with images will also help increase engagement.

It’s a great idea to ensure that case studies are prominently featured on your site, with easy links on your landing page and menu items signposting the way for visitors.

Future prospects will be able to relate to problems mentioned in your case studies, which can lead to them approaching you with their own issues and end goals.

By viewing what your company is capable of, clients may question if they can have something similar, but with a twist.

They can give you an edge that your competitor may not have, putting your business ahead of the game and proving that you’re trustworthy.

By thinking like a customer, you can gain new industry insights.

If customers are considering their options, and there’s a company that publishes case studies and one that doesn’t, who are they going to trust?

The Potential of Case Studies

Case studies also let you leverage the brand power of your customers. By showing the businesses that you’ve worked with, you get to show potential customers that other reputable firms are willing to back you up and talk about what you do.

To better understand the potential with case studies, take a look at our own case studies here.

Get in touch with the Ascensor marketing team and let’s find out how we can help your business grow with case studies. 

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