For a company to achieve a truly strong online presence, they need to be providing consumers with fresh, up to date and engaging information. No matter how well designed, or how well built your site is, if the content housed within it is old and irrelevant, your online presence will never grow.

For many companies, their main priority is getting their site live as quickly as possible to secure their online presence in the short run. However, companies must also take into consideration their online presence in the long run, without a content plan for the coming months; the information displayed on their site can quickly become irrelevant, causing users to begin to lose interest.

There is good news though, in the fact that various new platforms and technological advancements have made it easier than ever to stream new content to your site. Through the inclusion of a social media feed or a regularly updated blog, fresh, engaging content can be seamlessly transmitted through your site keeping the information you are providing up to date. This also creates a far more integrated online presence with various platforms feeding into each other to reach the maximum number of consumers

As well as the obvious benefits of feeding your site with up to date content, such as better engaging with your sites users and keeping your sites information relevant, there are also secondary benefits for your overall online presence. Google loves sites which contain fresh content meaning that your site will be more likely to be placed higher in their rankings, improving your visibility to consumers. Your site’s bounce rate can also be improved with the inclusion of fresh content as users are far more likely to remain on your site if they are engaged with the content you are transmitting; thus allowing you a better chance of turning these visitors into customers.

The team at Ascensor make sure that all new website builds include the means of including regularly updated, fresh content. We can also include these features into your existing site to help engage and retain online consumers.

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