You might not think it, but your website needs to be in a stable, giving, loving relationship. It should feel supported, needed, and loved by your marketing efforts, because when two become one, magical things can happen… And when love is in the air, as it always should be around Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to think about that special relationship, and whether or not your website and your marketing are truly soul mates that are both aiming for the same thing.

Are they a match made in heaven, or should they start seeing other people?

It's not you, it's your site...

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes your business’s website just isn't pulling its weight. Your marketing might be playing the field and putting itself out there, creating opportunities, bringing home the bacon and getting plenty of ‘swipes right’, but your site just isn't reflecting any of your hard work. If your site isn't on the same page as you, you’re not finishing each other’s sentences and it’s really not helping you succeed, it may be time to move on.

You deserve better…

Sometimes the boot is on the other foot, and it’s your digital marketing that’s stopping you from riding off into the sunset together. Your website might be looking the part, encouraging lots of leads and getting positive feedback, but your digital marketing just isn't reflecting any of the hard work your amazing site is putting in 24/7.

Remember, in life and in business, all good relationships should:

1. Demonstrate trustworthiness

Ask yourself, is your site demonstrating your reliability and trustworthiness?

2. Have good communication

Do your digital marketing channels even know you?

Are they reflecting your brand and how you want to be portrayed?

3. Be willing to grow

Any good relationship blossoms and changes over the years. It's embracing this evolution that keeps the connection strong. So if your website is outdated and too old to change, it's probably time to bid it a fond farewell. And if your marketing isn’t sending much love your site’s way, you should probably look for greener pastures.

Romantic clichés aside, all your marketing channels should be working together to build awareness, generate engagement, and drive conversions. Your website is an absolutely vital part of your digital marketing strategy - it’s the place where most people will interact with your business. And your digital marketing activities will most likely be sending users to your site, whether it’s to make bookings or purchases, get information about your services and products or find your contact details.

Like star-crossed lovers, the two elements are inextricably linked and one can’t function well without the other. You can produce a fantastic, well-received marketing campaign only to be disappointed by sales because your website’s landing page just doesn’t convert. And of course it takes two to tango, so you could have spent time and resources on a fully responsive, bespoke API-integrated Ecommerce site, and neglected to tell your customers of its benefits, or even where to find it through your marketing channels.

It’s time to ask yourself, are your website and your marketing fully aligned?

Are you ready for a serious relationship?

You deserve someone who loves you for you. If you're looking for a digital partner to drive more sales through both your website and digital marketing, then listen to Ascensor’s proposal, and get engaged. That’s the end of the love puns, we promise.

Get in touch with the Ascensor team to discover how we can help you grow.

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