Facebook knows things about you that even your closest friends don’t. Things like where you shop and where you live, along with other data that can be incredibly useful if you leverage it correctly for your Business. And, with more than two billion users, that is some of the most valuable data in the world.

By learning how to effectively advertise on Facebook (and Instagram), you’ll be off to flying start driving high-quality traffic to your website. As an Agency we have been driving some great results for clients for a couple of years, so, here are a few insights and tips to get you started with your Facebook Ads:

Proof of concept

Before you start anything, we have found that you should have a proof of concept that customers want you are selling. It doesn’t matter how big your budget is or how ‘killer’ your Ad text, if no one wants your product/service, running Facebook ads, isn’t going to change that.

Warm up your leads first

Facebook advertising differs from Google AdWords, as the traffic is generally "cold", therefore the intent to purchase is much lower. To turn cold traffic into warm traffic, we need to inspire them to act. 

By promoting blog content surrounding the USPs, benefits and solutions your product/service provides, you can create an audience that will more likely to buy. Using the Facebook Pixel, you would then retarget everyone who has visited that content with more direct adverts.

Segment your audience

When starting out on Facebook, you want to try different targeting tactics. We think it is best to segment your audience into at least three ad sets, each targeting a different segment of your audience. For example, if one of your segments is ‘Marketing Managers’, you may target people who have the Job title ‘Marketing Manager’ and/or interested in marketing products like, Hubspot, Proposify, SEM Rush and Moz.

Don’t forget to write Killer Ads

When you're writing your Facebook ads, you should come up with several different angles that will resonate with your audience. We would suggest creating three ads per ad set, this way you can A/B test your adverts and optimise for better results.

These Facebook Ad insights have helped us greatly reduce our Clients’ cost per click, cost per lead and cost per acquisition. These tips allow you to bootstrap and reinvest your profits into scaling your Facebook ads, which can lead to your business succeeding much faster! 

If you are trying to decide whether to spend your budget on Google or Facebook ads, find out which wins as we put the two advertising platforms head to head.

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