The UK’s 5G network is set to be at the heart of a new super-connected digital world. From shopping and virtual reality to smart devices and self-driving cars, the newest, fastest generation of mobile networking promises to help brands and shoppers get closer than ever.

In the next decade 5G is going to have a huge impact across a wide range of industries and sectors - and it’s likely to have a gigantic effect on Ecommerce. With potentially more than half of all mobile users utilising 5G technology in the near future, if you’re involved with Ecommerce, it’s time to get ahead of the game. UK providers are expanding the 5G network throughout 2022, so let’s take a look at how 5G is ready to transform Ecommerce.

So what is 5G?

5G (which stands for fifth generation) is the next step in mobile data network technology, following on from 4G before it and 3G before that. 5G allows us to enjoy vastly improved speeds and performance. With a 5G connection, lagging and lost connections are a thing of the past, and superfast, stable downloads, streaming and connectivity are now available wherever you have 5G coverage - even when you’re in busy areas.

How fast is 5G?

5G is around 10 times faster than 4G. It’s designed to work at average speeds of 150-200Mbps, and peak speeds can reach above 1Gbps. In future it could potentially exceed 10Gbps. With that kind of speed, you could enjoy seamless 4K virtual reality and download a film in a matter of seconds. Crucially, the expected latency (the time it takes for your phone to send a message and get a response) is reduced from 200 milliseconds with 4G to just 1 millisecond with 5G.

This means that when you’re online, you’re as close to real-time as possible.

Where is 5G available?

5G is expanding across the UK and it's already available in a large number of towns and cities. The major networks (EE, O2, Vodafone and Three) are rolling out 5G to a growing number of locations across the country and are aiming to cover the vast majority of the UK’s populated areas in the coming months and years.

How is 5G changing Ecommerce?

For businesses selling products and services, 5G’s ability to eliminate the current constraints of online shopping is invaluable. Lag times during online payments are not uncommon online. Any lag diminishes customer trust, and can lead to cart abandonment.

5G allows users to experience virtually no friction during shopping, which means better user experiences for Ecommerce merchants, and better conversion. When consumers trust technology to work seamlessly, they are more likely to purchase, so websites must be optimised for mobile use, with faster, more dependable load and checkout times.

Thanks to 5G, more businesses are using VR and AR

The global virtual reality and augmented reality market is predicted to be worth $198 billion by 2025. With the ultra-fast speeds of 5G network, VR and AR experiences are smoother, and frustrating buffering and lags are a thing of the past. This allows users to easily browse, buy, save and receive information about products of interest inside a virtual store, or in real-life commercial locations with their phones. 

AI assistance

AI tools like chatbots and virtual personal assistants already improve Ecommerce customer service by answering FAQs and providing recommendations. With 5G, customers can connect, interact with and download information from AI assistants at lightning speeds.

The power of AI combined with the speed of 5G makes it easier for Ecommerce businesses to assist their customers with artificial intelligence, boosting conversions.

Enhanced media

High-quality, high-resolution photos and videos play an important role in user experience, but on 4G networks or lower, providing these kinds of media can be detrimental to load times and site speeds.

5G allows businesses to implement much higher quality videos and images on their sites and apps, offering a better mobile viewing experience and increasing traffic and lowering bounce rates on Ecommerce sites. If consumers can see your products and services in stunning high definition images and videos, they’re more likely to buy.

All this = increased sales for you

Put simply; 5G translates into more potential customers browsing online, allowing faster, more capable websites and apps to serve them in record times. Better mobile connectivity means better online sales for you.

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