“Fun, sweat and cheers”

On 14th May 2016 some members of the Ascensor team partook in the Gung-Ho fun run at Temple Newsome in Leeds. Gung-Ho is a crazy inflatable challenge around a 5k course, it includes multiple blow up obstacles our team had to climb, bounce and prowl through in order to reach the finish. The 5k run proved a breeze for some of our team members and not quite so much for others - did someone say pass the inhaler?

To begin we had to scale a bouncy wall and slide down the other side, as you can see from the pictures it was a piece of cake! Alan even managed a belly dive down the slide. 

The next obstacle was a giant inflatable sheet with pot holes you had to try and run through, there were a few trips and tumbles but we all made it across in one piece. After was the giant ball pit, this proved slightly more difficult as the boys thought it was hilarious to run through very fast and send all of the giant balls flying. 

The following obstacle was one of the hardest; the dreaded bouncy house. Andy, Kathryn and Alan managed to run straight through it, as you can see from the video below Sarah didn’t. There was a lot of getting stuck, falling over and friction burns. . . 

The bouncy house was succeeded by a giant inflatable maze with person sized balls, Alan had a couple of issues with this one. There were a few younger runners who thought it was very funny to try and trap him, we obviously found this hilarious but EVENTUALLY helped him out.

The bouncy hills were a whole other kettle of fish; Andy, Kathryn and Alan seemed to fly right over them but Sarah and Laura needed more than a little help.

The subsequent obstacles were another climb and slide and a blow up climbing wall. The first of these the team managed without a hitch; the climbing wall however proved a problem for every member of the team. From Sarah being pulled over by a marshal to Laura needing a leg up from 6ft tall Alan. 

The penultimate obstacle was the moon walk, this in essence is just a giant kid’s bouncy castle without a roof. There were leaps and flips and flops . . . but thankfully no injuries!

Finally we came to the giant slide and the jump drop. The team split at this point; half waiting for the giant slide and the other half speeding through the jump drop. Overall this was a great experience for the whole team, it was less about the competition and more about just letting loose together and having fun as a group!


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