Google’s Smart Display Campaigns have recently been rolled out to all advertisers. Described by Google as “the most effortless way to broaden your customer base and win new conversions”, the new dynamic ads use machine intelligence to manage complex variables of display-based advertising and optimise performance with an automated bidding and targeting approach.

Smart Display Campaigns show ads in almost all formats across the Google Display Network. Targeting audiences at all stages of the buying cycle, these ads retarget audiences who have already visited your products or services, but also appear to people with demonstrated interests.

How do Smart Display Campaigns work?

Smart Display Campaigns are designed to work smarter, not harder, allowing you to create a top-performing campaign within minutes. With an easy, user-friendly campaign construction flow, advertisers simply enter the building blocks for your advertisements- This includes headlines, images, logos and call to actions. Google’s machine intelligence will then work to find you the most customers within your CPA bid and budget and the algorithms will bid focusing on getting you conversions at that target CPA.

Once live, Smart Display Campaigns optimise automatically within days to get your ads the best ongoing results. Based on the data you entered with headlines, images, logos and call to actions, your Smart Display Campaign will select the best combination of assets to give you the best results from your ads. They look at unique data signals like performance history, creatives, website and remarketing lists. Your Smart Display Campaign will then bid most aggressively when ad performance data suggests the highest probability of conversions, based on dynamic prospecting.

Would Smart Display Campaigns be good for my advertising?

The problem with traditional, manually targeted campaigns is that you will often struggle to attract an additional audience beyond the audience you planned for. With smart display campaigns you can reach an audience beyond your traditional network, based on Google’s machine intelligence which presents itself to a user when there is chance for conversion either at discovery level.

Alternatively, if you’re familiar with display network marketing you will have seen the benefits of an image-based advert over a text based one, especially if used in your remarketing process. With smart display campaigns, you will now also be able to reach people earlier in the buying process and present your brand to an audience with a behaviour or interest that is more likely to result in a conversion.

By implementing a smart campaign in your advertising strategy, you will have a new, streamlined way of tracking ad performance. As the whole smart process is automated, you will find that your conversions increase better with time as Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning allows AdWords to utilise the data gathered to use even better ads and targeting. You will also be able to see your performance data and find how Google has graded the performance of your ad asset based on their ability to produce conversions.

How can Smart Display Campaigns transform my ad success?

Do you currently spend a lot of time and effort optimising your Google ads? A Smart Display Campaign requires little maintenance. Dramatically reducing the amount of time you need to spend refining and monitoring your ads, once you build your collection of assets and enter your CPA budget, Google’s algorithm will then utilize your CPA and use dynamic prospecting to drive traffic that result in conversions.

Ascensor can help you build a Smart Display Campaign that not only reduces the time you spend monitoring your Google advertising, but increases the performance of your ads over time using dynamic prospecting to generate conversions. Get in touch today to find out more about our paid search services.

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