Google originally announced that they would be making these changes to the information they provide users when accessing websites using the Google Chrome browser (accounting for over 40% of website sessions) at the end of 2016. Earlier this year an update included an information icon ‘i' in the left of the address bar for websites that are not HTTPS secure.

We have been expecting this latest update, effectively forcing all website owners to move to HTTPS security, as a move to evolve general online security and provide more protection to users. Where the last update could go un-noticed by website users (particularly those using mobile devices), the changes coming into force in October will effectively force website owners to make the upgrade, or likely face a loss of enquiries through these new, stark, ‘NOT SECURE' warnings.

What's the process of changing my site from HTTP to HTTPS?

At Ascensor, we are prepared to help our clients make this transition as simple as possible with little to no interruption to your website. The process is relatively simple, the time it takes will vary depending on the size of website that you have. There are also varying costs for secure certificates depending on the type you need.

Here are a few of the things you will need to do to get your website converted to HTTPS:

  • Secure the right certificate for your website.
  • Install the certificate on your website.
  • Update the configuration of your website to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Redirect all incoming requests for your HTTP website to the location of the HTTPS site.
  • Re-verify ownership of your website in Google Search Console and update the sitemap location.
  • Update your web property's configuration in Google Analytics.
  • Test and confirm that the conversion was successful. 


It is very important that website owners act as soon as possible.As a web developer in Leeds, Ascensor have been gradually upgrading our client sites throughout this year, there have been a lot to get through, but now the Google announcement has been made, time is of the essence.

These changes are not mandatory and you may opt to leave the website without HTTPS. We are upgrading websites on a first come first served basis. Websites that are not upgraded will be left as HTTP (non-secure) and we wrote in about in a previous blog, this may affect your enquiries.


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