For a company’s website to truly thrive online, the content it contains must be engaging, it must be easy to use; but above all else, it has to be found by the consumer. With Google remaining by far the most popular search engine on the net, it’s safe to say that, if you cannot be found through Google, your site will not succeed.

Google penalties can be a huge restriction on your site’s success on the popular search engine. If you are hit with one, your overall position in search results can be lowered, or you may even disappear off the search results all together. It is important to take a thorough approach to Penalty Removal because penalised sites are by their very nature much more likely to receive penalties in the future as they are above the radar.

This can be massively damaging for your position in the market as your competitors will start being found before you.  Whether it’s a manual, or an algorithmic penalty you suffer from, you need to make sure that the cause is quickly found and fixed.

Where do we come in?

As digital experts, we know what it takes to make sure your site is found online. Through years of optimising customers SEO we have expert knowledge of how to recover if you do find that your site is suffering because of a Google Penalty.

Firstly it is important to take account of the full back-link history of the site, manually reviewing each link, it’s source, quality and all factors that give it value and we look to remove all links that we have deemed to be toxic (poor quality and damaging the website). We prefer a manual removal where possible but if that is not successful then we use the Google Disavow process to request that Google ignores the back-link. It can take time for Google to do this so we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help speed this up.

Paradoxically, even though Google is penalising a site for low quality or spam back-links, the removal process can actually take the site back a step further (due to a reduction in total link volume) and so it is important to begin a simultaneous and ethical SEO process.

It is vital that only ethical and natural SEO practices are performed to ensure the site can enjoy a full recovery. We use complex monitoring tools to review the ongoing website performance, link toxicity levels and search engine positions to deliver long-term and sustainable upward progress.

The full package

But this is just one of the many SEO services that we can provide. The removal of a Google Penalty is a good start in improving your search engine visibility, but if you want your site to truly succeed, this needs to be a part of a much larger SEO campaign. Our team can make sure that we provide this for you, looking at keywords, competitor activity and your overall search engine success; we will then provide you with reports and suggestions on how to make your site as visible as possible.

With each Google update comes a new set of rules that can change the requirements to ensure strong SEO. Contact Ascensor today to benefit from our expert SEO knowledge and let us ensure that your site gains the traffic it deserves. 


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