Google Analytics, used to provide data within Ascensor Analytics™ is the staple analytics software, it’s free and when used effectively is a vital tool for a small business website owner to measure what’s happening on their established website.

Classic Google Analytics has included mobile in its device metrics for years now, but as one of the largest growth areas in the use of mobile is in the use of mobile apps (more than 600,000 apps available through Google Play and 650,000 in the Apple App Store), Google have developed a new set of reports (called Mobile App Analytics) as part of the Analytics suite.

Currently in Beta version, Mobile App Analytics will help marketer’s better measure the take-up and usage of their apps, with the reports being tailored to mobile app developers and measuring the entire customer journey, from payment to engagement. As data drives new app development, these metrics will become an essential tool for app developers and marketers alike as the app lifecycle is measured from acquisition (downloads, new users) to Engagement (retention, usage, crashes and conversions) to Outcome (sales and in-app purchases).

Apps are one of the best software types for data gathering and are being used by all types of businesses to better engage with their clients. If you haven’t yet considered an app for your business then now’s the time to start thinking about it…

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