Google AdWords No More?!?!

It’s okay, calm down, don’t panic. Google AdWords isn’t going anywhere… technically anyway. ‘What on Earth are you going on about!?’ I hear you cry (possibly, I mean we are on the internet and this is a written piece so I’m not sure if you are to be honest). Well here’s what I’m talking about, drum roll please *drum roll*…

Google AdWords is no more

Google AdWords is no more, since Google have today announced a rebrand with the new name being a rather more simplistic ‘Google Ads’. That’s right folks, shortly Google AdWords will be replaced by Google Ads with a reason for this shift stemming from the idea that they believe ‘AdWords’ gives connotations of search only advertising as opposed to the numerous options at your finger tips when setting up a Google AdWor… oops I mean Google Ads account.

Machine Learning Is Taking Over…

Again, maybe I’ve watched Terminator too many times (I KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING SKYNET!!!) and I’m simply being a tad dramatic, but it appears the future is very much in machine learning. This is rolling out with Google Ads in the form of “Smart Campaigns”, a feature that is going to work across all Google services for small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to manage advertising campaigns.

The ad creative, targeting and delivery will be largely automated, and the campaign type itself will be the default for new advertisers in Google Ads. Snazzy isn’t it! Once more details emerge on Smart Campaigns we will be sure to let you know more.

It’s All Change, Well Sort Of…

Google have also rebranded DoubleClick advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 suite to now sit under the Google Marketing Platform brand, along with DoubleClick for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange have also now been integrated into a new platform called Google Ad Manager.

See, no need to panic it’s not gone anywhere. Just another large commercial rebrand sprinkled with some machine learning wizardry!

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