Google Places became Google+ Local this year to provide business with a social network that runs in parallel with the Google+ network and the other Google services.

Most of our purchases and services occur within a short radius of our homes, more searches for services are being done using geo-tagged mobile phone and tablet devices and Google are now prioritising local results when searches are performed.

Google+ Local is a free service that provides businesses with an opportunity to reach the top of the rankings for services within a geographic area; this means more visitors, more enquiries and more traffic. Consumers would rather buy locally, their search results are becoming even more localised and this presents a great opportunity for businesses to get ahead.

Going Local: Getting Ahead on Google Places is a free Ascensor seminar that provides businesses with the tools and techniques to set-up a Google+ Local page so that it performs well in the results. As more and more businesses realise this opportunity, the Google Places index is becoming even more crowded and more competitive. Click below to watch Ascensor MD Andrew Firth delivering this seminar at the Great British Business Show, Olympia 2012.

Google+ Local is still very much an un-tapped resource. There are many businesses with pages, but many have not been created efficiently and so do not appear on the first page. Where pages are set-up using our guidelines and then externally optimised, results have been excellent across many sectors.

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