Getting Started with Website Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications allow users to opt-in to timely updates from websites they use regularly and enable businesses to effectively communicate with them even when they have left the website or closed the browser. They differ from Mobile App notifications in that they can also appear on desktops. This is great news for businesses, as desktop usage in the UK still equates to 51.03%. 

How are web push notifications delivered?

Web push notifications are content rich messages that are sent to your device by a website or web app that you can click on. The notifications will only be sent to visitors who have subscribed to the notifications from a specific website on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

As the notifications are ‘pushed’ to the user’s device, they don’t have to be present on the website to receive the notification. Check out our Web Push Notification demo and follow the on-page instructions to see how it works.

What are they used for?

Like native app notifications, web notifications are there to communicate timely information to the user. However, Web push notifications allow businesses to send these messages without the need to invest in an app. 

The primary reason for the adoption is the nose-diving response to email and display advertising. Some uses include:

Cart abandonment offers on an Ecommerce Website

Weekend Deals

New blog post

Essentially, they are a way of increasing your engagement and another way of re-engaging your users, by delivering timely, personalised communications to users that have subscribed. 

How Ascensor can help

Push notifications are a great, low risk way of maintaining contact with your website visitors.

When we add a Push Notification function to a website the website visitor is prompted with an opt-in facility. The user data is also not stored and so the service is GDPR compliant.

It is important that your Privacy and Cookie Policies are up to date and include the use of Push Notifications.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you be GDPR compliant and make use of Push Notifications in your business.

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