Throughout the year we attend a number of exhibitions, we feel that they allow us as a business to make valuable contacts, meet prospective clients and showcase the business as a whole. On the 25th November, we will be attending the Expo West Yorkshire. This exhibition will be held at the Coral Windows Stadium in the Bradford City FC ground beginning at 10.00am, there will be around 80 stalls. We expect to see delegates from a wide range of business sectors with an equally wide range of exhibitors.

We are looking forward to the exhibition as it will also be an opportunity for our newer members who have not been involved in showcasing the company before to learn how it’s done.

Our MD Andrew Firth will be presenting a seminar called “How to make money online” at 1.30pm. In this seminar, he will address considerations which are key when trying to enter into the world of E-commerce. The seminar will cover business structure and marketing automation, different product selection and online channels. Understanding these concepts should then allow viewers to utilise opportunities whilst simultaneously managing the risks involved.

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