Here at Ascensor we want to give opportunities to aspiring marketers, to put their knowledge into practice and experience agency life. Since working with Leeds Beckett University and in particular, the Business School, we've invited students into our agency each week to come and experience Ascensor.

Our first students were Neve, Jenny and Tania who joined us each week over the course of 5 weeks and spent their time within our marketing team. All three of them were great to have within the team and were all incredibly enthusiastic about their passion for marketing which was evident in their work.

We asked each of them to discuss what they got up to during their experience at Ascensor...

Tania - 2nd Year Marketing & Advertising Student

My experience at Ascensor was a fruitful journey and I enjoyed every moment of it. I had the opportunity to apply some of the things I'd learnt in my course including content creation and SEO. At Ascensor, I did a lot of blog writing which I enjoyed very much, and I had the opportunity to partake in tasks for real clients which was exciting. I also had the chance to use my design background graphics, SEO and created some ads for clients which I enjoyed very much as I felt I was gaining new skills and putting into practice the things I had already learnt at the University. Every knowledge I had demonstrated was useful, taken onboard and appreciated and this made me feel very useful and productive at the workplace. The team at Ascensor were amazing and friendly, I felt like a part of the team more and less of an intern. Having the opportunity of working in my chosen career path has helped me build confidence in myself, my knowledge and skills and I feel ready to step into my career path after graduation.

Neve - 3rd Year Marketing & Advertising Student

I've recently completed my placement at Ascensor and have gained and developed a wide range of skills. During my placement the whole team have been extremely welcoming, supportive and helpful, showing appreciation for all work I provided, allowing my confidence to grow! 

I've had the chance to broaden and develop my digital marketing skills. This has enabled me to apply my university knowledge to real work scenarios. Helping on a range of projects from PPC to blogger outreach to strategy/content planning, no day is the same in this fast-paced environment! Making it an exciting and interesting placement to walk into. 

Within this collaborative work environment, all ideas are taken on board, making sure each employee is heard and respected. Ascensor have given me an understanding as to how a digital agency works and I would without a doubt recommend this placement programme to other students looking to gain experience. 

Jenny - 1st Year Fashion Marketing Student

During my time at Ascensor I have been able to develop my digital marketing skills, working across a variety of different brands and platforms. I've been able to learn new skills in content creation, for a variety of platforms including blogs and social media - looking at marketing from a different approach to that of which I do in my degree. Being able to put into practice and improve on my skills in marketing has really helped me understand how the industry works. My time at Ascensor has really helped me learn more as well as motivating my work at University, as it has allowed me to apply my learning in a working environment. The team at Ascensor have been so helpful, asking me what kind of work I wanted to try out and have been really helpful in answering any questions I had and gave me very clear direction for every new task. 

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