With so much information and so many websites online, it is often hard to get your business’s message across to both existing customers and prospects alike. Traditional forms of advertising are becoming less and less effective and consumer’s attention span is getting smaller and smaller. All of this points towards one platform that is leading the advancement in digital marketing. Video marketing provides businesses with a multi-sensory method of interaction with customers and market their product and, nowadays especially, videos have emerged as the best way to draw consumer’s attention and get your message across.

Visualising your marketing

The statistics really talk for themselves; websites with embedded videos can see an increase of traffic by up to 55%, videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement with brand pages by 33% and 92% of mobile video viewers will share videos with others. All of this shows how, not only can the use of videos increase the exposure of your business online, viewers themselves can actually do part of your marketing for you through sharing the information you release. Consumers are far more likely to take notice of an online video over a piece of online text as it requires less effort for them to extract information. This means that it can be far easier for companies to portray their brand message succinctly and effectively through a video.

Another major advantage in using video in your digital marketing is the fact that it makes your campaigns more personal to consumers due to the fact that they create an experience far closer to human interaction than text ever can. Marketing is based upon emotions and it is far easier to evoke emotions in consumers through video marketing. A good video marketing campaign can affect consumer’s emotions and feelings towards both your brand and your products or services in a way that text rarely can. Video is also an excellent tool when marketing through testimonials due to the fact that consumers will be influenced more if they can watch your customer give their testimonial themselves.


Is video marketing right for your business?

It goes without saying that you should only chose video marketing if it is the right route for your business to increase exposure and interest in your business. It takes time and effort to produce a truly successful video marketing campaign and, if the video platform doesn’t move your business forward, this time and effort can be wasted. A good example of this is if your business sells fairly basic products and your marketing campaigns are mainly based around simply expressing the benefits that your benefits hold; in this case, video marketing may not be the best option. However, if you are looking to build relationships with consumers and evoke emotional responses to your products and services, video marketing is one of the most effective routes that you can choose.

Overall, the impact that video can have on your business’s digital marketing can be huge, if it is implemented in line with what you aim to gain from your campaign. A piece of successful video marketing that is on brand and reaches the consumers you need it to can drive traffic towards your website and social media sites. It can also get consumers talking and increase your exposure both on and offline.

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