With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to step up your seasonal marketing efforts to ensure that you don’t miss out on consumer’s festive cheer! By sending out Christmas cards to your valued customers/clients you can strengthen your connection with them as well as keeping your brand fresh in their minds over the busy festive period.

However, for one reason or another, for some companies, sending out individual cards out in the post is simply not a viable option. Be it down to the number of recipients, cost or environmental reasons, many companies feel that the sending of physical Christmas cards does not provide enough benefits. This should not mean the end of your hopes of sending Christmas cards though; an emailed Christmas card campaign can prove to be as effective, if not more, and at a fraction of the price. With 91% of consumers checking their inboxes daily, a digital Christmas card campaign could prove more likely to reach your many recipients.

With more and more companies striving to create or maintain their environmentally friendly image amongst consumers, an electronic Christmas card emerges as the most effective route to delivering a seasonal message without it costing the earth. By choosing to email your cards you can also improve efficiency and reduce the time it could take to distribute them to your customers/clients. Recent research has found that 74% of online adults prefer emails over direct mail for commercial communications, meaning that the modern consumer is now far more likely to take notice of an emailed Christmas card that is delivered straight into their inbox.

Through using email you are also able to track the Christmas cards you send, who receives them, who opens them and who interacts with them. By tracking these factors, you can build a better picture of which clients and contacts and actively engaging with the messages you are sending out. This can aid your future marketing activity as you can choose to either focus messages on those that are receptive, or you can set up campaigns to increase engagement with unreceptive contacts. With 83% of marketers already tracking or analysing email metrics for their organisation, it is a factor of your email campaigns that you must invest time into.

The process of emailing your Christmas cards couldn’t be easier. Our team can set up a template for you which allows you to include the information you want to convey quickly and easily. We can then set up lists of your different clients and customers and schedule your Christmas cards to be sent to recipients at whatever time you chose. The whole process can be completed in a matter of hours meaning you can still deliver your festive message to a wide range of contacts no matter how late you leave it!

Get in touch with Ascensor today to discover how we can help you deliver your Christmas message quickly and simply.

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