With Facebook and Twitter continuing to dominate the social media market, it is often easy to dismiss LinkedIn as simply a social side note, with less effort going into connecting and engaging with other users of the platform. However, for many businesses, there is a lot of untapped potential in LinkedIn in terms of generating leads and improving both your individual and your business’ stature and reputation within your chosen sector.

For this potential to be achieved from LinkedIn, however, it is important to understand how it's users behave; this infographic, produced by Lab 42, cleverly illustrates a number of behavioural factors. By extracting a number of statistics from this infographic, it’s clear to see that LinkedIn’s platform is one that holds massive potential for a wide range of professionals. With 61% of respondents stating that LinkedIn is the social networking site that they primarily use for professional networking, and 67% of respondents indicating that they access LinkedIn at least a couple of times a week, it’s clear to see that LinkedIn holds by far the most professional and actively engaged user base of all the social media sites.

The question now then is how to engage with these users and turn LinkedIn’s potential into actual opportunities and benefits for your business? It goes without saying that creating a company page on LinkedIn is a must so that you can post company updates, jobs and engage with LinkedIn users in a far more professional manner. But LinkedIn’s main draw is its ability to connect like minded professionals to do business. By joining groups and taking part in professional discussions you can ensure that you are seen as an expert within your chosen field. By committing a number of highly knowledgeable employees from your business to regularly contribute to these discussions your company’s visibility and reputation within your field can both increase.

Another main draw of LinkedIn is the fact that it has proven itself to be a fantastic research tool. With over 80 million members and a comprehensive search tool on the site, researching potential employees, business prospects, jobs or discussions is a breeze. By narrowing down LinkedIn’s members using a number of different factors, you can research and gain a far better understanding of the market your company is operating within.

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