Do you have an effective social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is a key component of any digital marketing strategy as it is a form of earned media, a form of direct marketing which other than time, is free. Social media has transformed the way we engage with our target audiences and as the most natural form of digital marketing, is pivotal to organic success. Recent research suggests more than 75% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand following a personal response to their tweet, further highlighting the business benefit that can be derived through social engagement. Video social media is growing and growing, YouTube grows through approximately 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute and Instagram has also seen a growth in the number of users to around 600 million – whatever the content, we love to create and share it.

Making the most of social media can take a lot of time, it’s therefore important to have a strategy, here’s a few points to consider whilst developing yours.

What can you do to maximise the impact social media has for your business?

Targeting Needs

Social media isn’t all about getting your message out there, it requires the ability to be able to balance content going out and listening to what’s going on like keeping an eye on your competition. Effective marketing should have a clear purpose and ultimately be used to target people’s needs – this will help towards creating a more credible online presence. Understanding your audience, interacting with them and providing genuine value is the only way to properly target the right audience through social media marketing.

Publish Quality Content

The key to mastering conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is distributing quality content within your perspective field on your website and promoting it through your company social media channels to encourage sharing of the content. You may need to review your strategy in terms of the value you are offering to prospects after they comply with something presented on your site like a survey. For example our client Tendo using social media to drive relevant traffic to an assessment-based form known as the Business Growth Indicator. When a user’s data is captured they receive a free diagnostic report, this is the start of the journey thanks to marketing automation that was developed to nurture the pipeline, this is all driven thanks to providing quality content.

Be Active Users!

You are likely to lose out on prospects if you aren’t responsive and accessible on social media such as Facebook. Someone might be looking at your company page and decide to send you a personal message for further information, if you don’t respond within a reasonable time then they may look elsewhere. If you have a website, we encourage you to add new content to your site on a regular basis such as blog posts or case studies, this supports content marketing. Being active social media users involves sharing other people’s content which will benefit and help to grow your business.

Our marketing team are always on hand to support you with social media marketing, if you currently don’t use social media then now is the time to change if you want to maximise your business growth. Get in touch today to take full advantage of the opportunities social media presents!

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