Digital Growth Vouchers: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Digital Growth Vouchers: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Digital Growth Vouchers are a new government initiative that was launched in February 2017. It allows businesses to get between 10% to 40% funding towards investment into digital technology! But, what digital technology does this cover?

Website Design

The design of your website needs to be consistent throughout. What happens when you use one design on your homepage and another on your product/service page? Well, it just looks like a confused mess that will end up making your potential customers turn off. By matching all the design elements on all your pages, you will make your website look professional.

You could use Digital Growth Vouchers to put towards investment in your existing website or let Ascensor design you a new one.

Website Development

The digital world is one of the fastest evolving markets in existence, moving with great speed in line with trends and technological advancements. Therefore, the brand-new website you launched five years ago may not be up to the modern performance and aesthetic features needed in today’s market.

There are many features that can be developed into your website to enhance the experience for your clients. Maybe a client area that allows clients to log in to view personalised information, or a tailor-made tool that website visitors will interact with?

If your website is not up to date and up to modern expectations this can reflect badly on your business image. Causing you to lose customers, maybe it’s time to upgrade?

Digital Marketing

If you are looking to expand your online presence across all online channels to increase visitor levels and then turn traffic into conversions, it may be time to start looking at Digital Marketing. There are many different strategies that can make up the holistic view of digital marketing.

Analytics - Insights on website traffic, competitor analysis and monthly online profile reports.

Strategy - Tailor made plan to increase online presence and online business goals.

SEO - The process of optimising websites to allow them the best chance to rank highly on search engines.

PPC - The strategy of targeting customers through sponsored posts on Google search ranking pages, the Google display network, as well as other social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter.

Broadband & Internet

Better broadband speeds and service helps businesses to be more efficient and the digital growth vouchers can be used towards the cost of improving your business internet service.

Hardware & Software

Is it time you upgraded your digital hardware & software? The digital growth vouchers can cover the costs of new laptops, desktops or tablet computers, VOIP telephony or networking devices e.g. routers and servers etc. to help you become more efficient and grow your business.

CRM Solutions

Client record management requires effective customer relationship systems. The digital growth vouchers can help you invest in the technology including marketing automation set-up to help you get more from your contacts database.


If you are looking to grow your business with the help of digital technology, why don’t you head over to Digital Growth Vouchers and find out whether you are eligible for 10-40% funding towards your investment.

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