As announced back in March, Google is providing businesses who use Google Ads for their PPC activities with a grant to help them during the interruption from COVID-19. We can see from our client’s accounts that this ad credit has now been applied!

How do I know if I should receive ad credits?

Google has been providing this support to small and medium businesses who have spent budget within a Google Ads account regularly over the last 18 months. If you match these criteria then you should be expecting the ad credits in your account over the next few weeks. The credits will be applied automatically to these accounts and the managing account will receive a message which notifies them of this.

What is the reason behind the ad credit?

Google believes that small and medium-sized businesses are ‘the backbone of our communities’ and therefore to show support during these testing times introduced the ad credits.

The aim of the grant is to help support these businesses who have faced unique challenges due to the unprecedented effects of COVID-19. As advertising and getting your business in front of customers is exactly what many business owners and marketing managers need to be doing right now - and they will be relying on PPC activity to achieve this.

What does the ad credit entail?

The actual credit amount is not set and will be based on the account’s past Google Ads spend and the billing location. However, for our PPC clients we have received a £220 credit to put towards their Google Ads campaigns! 

The eligible customer will receive one ad credit which they can use to put towards their Google Ads spend as they continue to engage with their customers. Eligible customers will be able to view the credit through their ‘Promotions’ page and look under the ‘Billing’ section. However, if a digital agency manages your account then they will be able to find and apply the ad credit for you in your next campaign.

How do I use the credit?

Google’s ad credit support can be applied to future spend within Google Ads campaigns. They can be used across all campaign types and networks including Search, Display, YouTube and Shopping.

If your ad campaigns are managed by an agency (or by us!) then they will receive a notification of your ad credit and will discuss with you how and when you want to spend it. Google’s ad credit will be available to spend on campaigns for the rest of the year, until 31st December 2020.

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