Changes Coming to the Google Partners Certifications and Exams

Among the many changes that Google have implemented in the past few months, in January 2018, the Google Partners exams and certifications that can be obtained through Google Partners will be moved over to the Academy for Ads, Google’s online training program. This means that all the online courses, exams and certifications will now all be in one place, “making it easier for you to learn about Google ads” according to Google.

What Exactly is Happening?

Once the exams and certifications are moved in January to Academy for Ads, information about your valid Google Certifications will be transferred to the Academy for Ads automatically, although you can opt-out of this on the “My Profile” page in your Partners account. You must do this before January however, as it cannot be changed afterwards.

The Google Partners site will still be available, and you’ll still be able to access features like promotions, insights and, if you’re admin of a company profile, Google Partner badge.

What will this Change Look Like?

Not a lot will change and for the most part, the only major difference will be how and where you access your Google Exams and Certifications. Below is a summary of the changes taking place in January:

  • Google Certifications and Exams are now called Assessments. Valid Certifications will be available in your Academy for Ads profile (assuming that you haven't chosen to opt-out of transferring your info).
  • The exams and printable certificates will be available in 19 languages.
  • The PDF versions of the study guides for each exam will no longer be available. However, the Digital Sales study guide will still be available to download in PDF format.
  • The individual public profile will no longer be available. If anyone uses a link to your public profile, they will see a notification at the top of the page advising that the profile is no longer available. 

What will Happen to My Exam and Certification Information?

If you’ve chosen to transfer your exam and certification information to Academy for Ads, you’ll still be able to access that information in your Academy for Ads account.

After the exams and certifications have moved, you’ll still be able to see your exam and certification information in the “My Profile” section.

The exams and certifications information that is available in your Google Partners account will include all valid exams that you have taken and certifications you have earned before January 2018 will be available in your Academy for Ads profile.

What if I chose not to Transfer my Exam and Certification Information?

If you chose to opt-out of transferring your information, it won’t be available on the Academy for Ads and it won’t be available on the Partners site after April 2018.

If you’re affiliated with a company, the status of your company’s Google Partner badge and specializations shouldn’t be impacted except in certain situations.

For example, an employee whose profile is affiliated with your company who chooses not to transfer to Academy for Ads will need to retake their exams in academy for ads and share their Academy for Ads account information with their company, regardless of whether the certification expires before April 2018. The only difference will be that if the exam certification expires after April 2018, it will only count towards the company’s requirements until April if you have opted-out of transferring to Academy for Ads.

Ascensor are Still Google Partners

The team here at Ascensor are still certified Google Adwords Google Partners meaning that our clients will still get the same certified analysis, assurance of high-quality service and best practice knowledge and experience. 

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