Canada’s immigration site crash, why we need reliable hosting

Canada’s immigration site crash

In the recent aftermath of the 2016 US election, of which Donald Trump was announced the 45th President of the United States of America, the result brought with it many people feeling outraged and looking for ways to escape or prevent themselves for the effects of his presidency.

A way many people thought to escape was heading north into Canada, shortly after it was official many people flooded the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site causing the site to go down. Mass traffic is very bad for sites as the sheer number of requests and traffic was too much for the servers to handle and because of this the site crashed.

It is important for any and every site to make sure that it has reliable hosting to avoid any traffic influxes that may occur. If your site needs to be ready for the upcoming traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you must make sure they the servers that host your website are ready for the mass influx of customers looking for deals. If your website crashed during these days, you could be missing out on hundreds of thousand profits that could have be gained with good hosting.

Digital marketing now plays a larger role in the presidential election than it ever has before. The use of social media is an easy way for a candidate to reach out to millions of voters with ease, which means the appearance and online presence of those pages need to be immaculate. Just like any social page for a business, the candidates made sure to make them look as good as possible while using the vast amounts of young possible voters on the sites to try get more voters on their side. A good online presence could tip the balance in the favour of one of the candidates.

The way that the candidates can talk directly with their possible voters also makes for a great way to show their personality and again gain more support from that. However, we also know that they have adverse effects such as posting something controversial which could have negative connotations.

Reliable hosting is not only needed to make sure your website runs smoothly 24/7, you have website data protection but it also is needed to protect your customers from any cyber-attacks. We saw what happened back on Friday October 21st with Netflix and other sites, having great hosting is essential to protect your site from attackers getting at any private information from your customers.

If you need help checking the right hosting service for you, feel free to contact us.

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