People and businesses don't decide they want a new website everyday and even if they did there is so much competition that trying to break into a new geographical market will take time.

The classic business adage, 'people do business with people' is so true and it's what has helped Ascensor to grow so well in Leeds, building relationships that ensure you are featured as and when website decisions are made. Of course our reputation also gets people thinking about making a change, reviewing their marketing strategy and desiring a slice of what owning a successful website could mean to their business.

Starting to build relationships in the notoriously cold business climate of London is a steady process. During the last few weeks I have had some great meetings with potential partners and quoted 6 projects that show promise. Due to opportunities in the North including charity events I will not return to the capital now until July and though I will maintain the leads I have, the stop start nature of this project will only add to the frustration of it's pace.

There is a growing market of commission only sales people that we are beginning to tap into, the very nature is appealing, more for the lack of a need to manage the HR, of course ensuring good brand representation is essential, but this is the case with any representative, employed or not.

During July the search will begin for a full-time member of staff in London, this will ease life personally and also help Ascensor to strengthen the roots that I have begun to put down. Between now and then the job is to increase our production capability, we are inundated with work and delivering on realistic deadlines is essential to strengthening our business. There are clear signs now that the economy is improving, we have positioned ourselves well in the market during the downturn and preparing our capacity for growth is now the order of the day.



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