Brighten up your website with seasonal effects!

Put a smile on your visitors’ faces by adding some seasonal personality to your website design. There are many ways to spruce up your website and resonate with the traffic by embracing the current season.

Gaining traction is critical if you are going to improve website conversions and keeping your site alive will improve its stickiness, create engagement and give you a better chance of converting. Statistics show that returning visitors who see the same content as before are more likely to bounce than engage. Even if your products or other home page content changes, this may be missed if the user is in a hurry. Keeping your site up to date with relevant design updates will show visitors that the site is current and so has a better chance of building rapport. It’s not just the human visitors that you can resonate with, Google loves evolving websites, notice how they now change their own logo on a daily basis to reflect current affairs.

Whether you sell online or not, simple updates are a cost effective way of being current. Updating the header area or banners to pass best wishes, such as Happy Christmas or Happy Easter is a simple process. Modifying the CSS to introduce seasonal colours, styled buttons and other features can keep your theme consistent throughout the site, and if you really want to fully immerse your site with seasonal cheer how about an Easter egg hunt or an advert calendar to create lots of interaction?

Whether your business has a seasonal focus or not, your visitors are experiencing the seasons and wishing them well with a Happy Valentines, Mothers or Father’s Day banner message may just grab the attention long enough to get your calls to action working.

Use of modern design techniques and animation can create an absorbing feature at very low cost, contact Ascensor today to explore your ideas!

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