It's extremely difficult to know whether you're responding in the 'right way' to the unprecedented pandemic that we're all experiencing right now. This is because ultimately there is no correct response. Each and every person, business and country have been adapting to the circumstances in their own way. 

Throughout COVID-19 you might have seen some brands, companies and well-known figures who have used campaigns or simply actions to inspire or to help. So we thought we'd share some examples that we've seen which might inspire yourselves or get your business thinking about the varied responses that brands have had.

McDonald's - Closed its Doors

The world's biggest franchise and largest fast-food chain closed their doors to the public and staff on March 23rd. With many other takeaways and delivery services still operating for weeks after their decision, it may have seemed like a shock and a questionable decision for the fast-food giant to make, ultimately it did wonders for their corporate social responsibility and therefore brand reputation.

By deciding to close their restaurants, this displayed responsibility as they saw that it was the best decision in the interest of their staff and their customers and would be a way of encouraging people to stay at home. From a business aspect, they also successfully created a huge need and desperation for their services which has been displayed by hungry customers all over social media - making their return highly anticipated.

Wagamamas - Wok From Home

What better way to keep the hunger growing for your products and services by customers than to help them experience it whilst at home. Wagamamas provided the recipe and video tutorial to make their world-famous Katsu Curry at home. Keeping the desire for your products and services is an important goal to try and achieve during this pandemic and Wagamama’s have done just that, by satisfying their cravings for now and feeding their hunger for when they re-open.

BrewDog - Swapped Alcohol for Alcohol Sanitizer

Venturing into a completely different (albeit still alcohol-related) market, brewers Brewdog began creating hand sanitiser and donated them to key workers and the NHS. Alongside this great initiative, they also launched their 'When all of this is over, we are going to buy everyone a beer' campaign, in which (as it says on the tin) they are offering a free beer voucher to anybody who signs up, to redeem once their bars have reopened. Brewdog has even announced that they're donating all profits from their new 12 pack of Punk IPA, to the Help NHS Heroes charity, as well as a 50% discount for NHS workers. The list goes on with what they've offered throughout these times and overall, Brewdog really has shown their great corporate responsibility with a whole range of different campaigns, actions and initiatives.

Melissa Salons - Hair Care for NHS

Manchester-based hair salon Melissa Salons, have spent their time in lockdown helping key workers and heroes. They created hair care goody bags in partnership with Lacey’s Hair & Beauty and delivered these to the frontline. Working long and exceptional shifts means that workers' hair just doesn’t get the care it needs, so that's where Melissa and the team came in to help. Melissa has also been busy sharing her knowledge for people at home to care for their hair at home, why not take a look here. 

Kappa - Logo Adaptation

The gesture doesn’t have to be a huge campaign, instead, it could be simply using the brand’s platform to reinforce the importance of social distancing. As, fellow Leeds United sponsors, Kappa did by simply adjusting their logo to share their message of ‘come together, whilst we’re apart’. 

Volvo - Reinforced Government's Message

Sometimes actually poking fun at your own products and services are a great way to get that well-received attention. Volvo did just that, by using one of their key selling points of being a safe and secure car manufacturer and actually linking that point to help reinforce the message of staying home.

Kurt Geiger - Give to the NHS

British designer Kurt Geiger has been one of the large companies who has not furloughed their staff and have kept them on full pay whilst they are unable to work. Instead, they incentivised and encouraged their workforce to use their support in their local communities by working with Age UK in their neighbourly volunteering scheme. In addition to the community help, they also are donating 55 £100 gift cards to every city hospital across the UK & Ireland where they have stores, for key workers in the critical care departments to bring a spark of joy in extremely challenging times. Kurt Geiger is also offering a 50% discount to NHS employees for a full year in any Kurt Geiger store once they reopen.

These are just a few examples of campaigns and actions that brands have been taking to navigate through these unprecedented times. How has your business reacted? If you want to discuss what steps you could be taking within your marketing or with adaptations of your website to make sure you're ready for coming out of the pandemic then we'd love to hear from you so get in touch.

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