Joining BNI Infinity in Canary Wharf 4 weeks ago is probably going to be one of the best moves I have made in terms of driving Ascensor to the next level.

BNI Infinity is a core group which means it’s pre-launch, with our launch event on the 5th October. As well as the 21 current members more than 1,000 local businesses have been invited to attend, BNI Infinity is set to be the fastest growing group in the country. We are being promoted as London’s flagship BNI group as we are the only group based in the City, the most affluent area in the UK.

During the last few weeks, I have picked up 5 new excellent enquiries as well as developed relationships with my fellow members through 1 to 1 meetings, quite staggering for a group that hasn’t even opened its doors to visitors yet.

If you are interested in visiting our launch day at Tompkins on the 5th October 2011 and networking with hundreds of other business owners then please contact me on

This was our last week at Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow restaurant at Limehouse, it has been an excellent venue but we have quickly outgrown it. We are saying goodbye there over a few drinks on Friday night before moving on to say hello to our new venue Tompkins, truly fitting of the calibre of our group. A special thanks to Lesley of London Link for all her efforts in securing the new venue.

Before that, though I am really looking forward to seeing Hilary Devey speak at a conference in Heathrow on Friday. As well as hearing various speakers at the NABO Marketing event I am sure that the 100 people, an invitation-only guest list will provide an excellent networking opportunity.

More London updates soon...

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