How to plan a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday AdWords Campaign

If you operate an eCommerce website then you probably have already noticed a big hike in traffic and sales in time for Christmas, and you are probably preparing for the mayhem that comes with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These American traditions have gradually become ingrained in British culture; a long weekend (or rather a long week) of discounting, both in-store (Black Friday) and online (Cyber Monday).

The hype surrounding these days has been gaining more and more momentum. A couple of years ago in-store it was reported that old ladies were being pushed aside, youths were climbing over barriers and there were fights between businessmen to get to cut-price electrical goods. This was while mothers with pushchairs shouted instructions from the sidelines; it was utter chaos. 

However, what question should be asking yourself if you want to increase your slice of the pie with your Google AdWords PPC?

1. Who is my audience?

It probably goes without saying that if you are going to run a Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaign, you are going to need to know the customers you are trying to reach. 

For example, you should think about a few demographics, such as; 

  • Are they a local market? 
  • Would they be searching for you on mobile or from a desktop/laptop?
  • Age, gender etc. 

These will all help with the settings and the targeting of your campaigns. 

2. What's my offer?

Like any good marketing campaign at any other time of the year, you need to provide a solution to a problem. You will also need to show why your business is the best at getting the desired results for your customer. This is because a massive discount might not always be enough to get consumers to buy.

Think about the following;

  • What makes your business unique and different from your competitors?
  • What are your key unique selling points (USP)?
  • What is your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Offer to get people to click on your ad?

These will help you to write a compelling advert that will get consumers to click on your advert and not your competitors. 

3. What's My budget?

Before you dive straight in. You need to make sure that your PPC ads are going to give your business profits. This means planning out your Google Ad budget. 

With Google AdWords, you set a daily budget for your campaign, and you can then decide between a number of costing structures as to how you spend that budget. The main one being Pay-Per-Click (PPC). This allows you to set your ad spend based on the number of clicks your ad gets.

Essentially: you need to know your budget limits. Base your ad spend on the returns you need. 

4. What's my time frame?

How long are your ads going to run will depend on how long the offer is available for. Start your ads too early or let them run too long after the sale, will result in wasted clicks and wasted ad spend. So be sure to plan out your ad campaign duration, so that you're not accidentally paying for ads for an eternity. 

5. How am I going to measure my results?

With Google Adwords, there are a many different ways to track how well your campaign is doing via differing metrics. For a Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaign on an eCommerce website, you will probably look to see how many clicks lead to a transaction and the revenue that those transactions create. 

Therefore you will need to set up conversion tracking before your campaign starts. To do this, you might want to think about linking up your Google Analytics account and importing your goals. This way you can analyse your results and make tweaks as you go.

If you sell online we hope you have a great flourish in sales this Christmas and you are able to cope with the demand, ensuring that you deliver excellent customer service and benefit from the loyalty that this will bring for the next year.

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