There can be no doubt that one of the most effective ways of maintaining relationships with customers whilst also making them aware of your company news is through email marketing. Email marketing is the most cost effective form of digital marketing and is widely used for new client prospecting. Through marketing automation, a campaign that is sent to thousands of recipients can be created, setup and sent with little hassle. However, although it may be easy to implement an email campaign, it is far from easy to ensure a high open and click through rate. You need to know when the best time is to send out these campaigns.

It has to be said that all recipients of your emails are different and so there is no fool-proof way to ensure they will all open and engage with your message. The content of the email itself has to interest the recipient for you to have a hope of them engaging with your messages.

That being said, by scheduling your email campaigns to go out at a time where recipients are most likely to engage with your messages, you give yourself the best chance of raising your open and click rate.

It goes without being said that all your campaigns should be scheduled for a weekday, but, as a general rule, Monday’s and Friday’s should also be avoided to avoid recipients that may not work these days. That leaves the middle three days of the week where recipients are most likely to be actively checking their inbox and so will have more chance of seeing your campaign.

The time of the day that you chose to send your campaign is also crucial. For Business to Business emails, sending between the hours of 9am and 5pm give you the best chance of a high open rate simply because this is when most people will be in the office. In terms of specific times, we would recommend either 11am, or 4pm.

11am can prove to be a highly effective time to send a campaign as most recipients will have completed any urgent tasks needed that morning and so will be more likely to respond to an email. There is also the fact that, if your recipients don’t see the email straight away, they are likely to see it when they break for lunch. 4pm is the other most effective time due to the volume of recipients that will check their emails before they leave work for the day.4pm is early enough to ensure your recipients don’t leave before they receive the campaign, while being late enough so that the email is still fresh in their inbox for when they finish work.

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