These day’s it takes even less time to grab a user’s attention so it is important to make sure the content you post online is eye catching, engaging and memorable. It is increasingly becoming the case that consumers are turning off to plain online text, with the messages contained not making an impression.

An alternative to this heavily text based online content is the use of infographics. Through providing facts/stats in a visually appealing way, consumers are far more likely to take the information in and take note of the messages you are trying to convey. With consumer’s tendency to scan online material, by using an infographic to convey a message, it becomes far more eye catching and likely to engage online users. Another beauty of the use of infographics is the fact that they can used to reinforce a brand through the use of brand consistent colours, shapes and messages along with your logo. All these factors can be easily incorporated into the design of infographics to help you achieve a constant message across your online material and build brand awareness.

The use of infographics within your online content increases the ‘share’ factor that is readers who find it interesting are more likely to share visually appealing content. Infographics are extremely shareable for use around the web and, when they include an embedded code that allows for an automatic link from the original site to yours, you can get great SEO gain. Infographics carry a much higher chance of becoming viral compared to plain text information, more people will be naturally linking through to your site, which can help your Google rankings.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate your businesses thought leadership through infographics. Use them to build up a visual picture of facts and figures from within your sector and then enjoy the benefit of generating interest amongst your readership, all with the added benefit of encouraging sharing and with it a potential benefit to your search results.

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