Last Friday we had our first badminton’athon in the Smarter Retail warehouse. The event involves the Ascensor and Smarter teams paying to play badminton all day to raise money for the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust. The companies are matching every pound raised to contribute to Laura Crane’s Corporate Santa appeal.

The Laura Crane Cancer Trust is the only UK charity that focuses on funding medical research that targets cancers affecting teens and young adults. They aim to improve patient’s quality of life during and after their illness, raising money to help those in need and offering support to family and friends is pivotal.

Ascensor have been raising money to fund the Corporate Santa campaign, raising money to fuel Santa’s sleigh, so he can deliver all his presents in time for Christmas. Each young person in the 43 hospitals the Trust works with across the country, will have an age appropriate present delivered. When suffering from a potentially life limiting condition such as cancer, it’s often the small things that really help patients to pull through.

The Ascensor team has realised a flair for playing badminton! We often hold Thursday tournaments at a local leisure centre and we must give huge thanks to Morley Leisure Centre for lending us a net and posts for the event. We wanted to incorporate our new found talents and raise money for this worthy cause, and decided to play badminton for charity! We had double and singles groups “book out” hour long slots and held a tournament on the make shift court in the warehouse.

As the 18th December is also national Christmas jumper day we all wore our jumpers to play! This of course led to a lot of hot, sweaty and flushed badminton players, we didn’t mind though as it provided some hilarious entertainment for the rest of the office. There were some friendly games and there were some not so friendly games, we’d just like to remind Imran and Alan IT WAS ALL FOR CHARITY!

Overall we had a great time, bonded as a group and raised some money for a very deserving cause. We hope everyone who is in hospital over Christmas has a very merry Christmas. For more information about the trust click here.

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