Goodbye April, hello back to normal.

After the disruption of last month it's great to have full weeks back in the office, well offices! This week I will be heading back down to the Camden Town office to really get my teeth into developing our Southern client base, and I have got off to a great start.

At the back end of 2009 Ascensor developed an advanced print on demand calculator for Aura Print, allowing the Huddersfield digital outfit to compare the price of printing in-house to outsourcing and serve up the cheapest price across a range of quantity splits in seconds. Their website has been in almost continuous development since then and includes a completely bespoke back office software that includes print and account management and of course payment processing.

We are currently in talks with 5 other businesses to develop similar products for them, one of whom is a London print broker who has requested a meeting this week, a great start to the focus that needs to be applied.

I often think how amazing it is that opportunities arise at just the right time. The print broker first contacted me in 2009 after they had seen the Aura Print website and discussions had gone cold until out of the blue 2 weeks ago they made contact and are ready to take discussions further. Opportunities are around us all of the time and if you are open-minded to them, then they will appear - that's what I tell myself anyway and it always seems to work!

Also on the agenda this week is the delivery of letters to each of my fellow business residents and a scheduled follow up and a couple of networking events, feedback to follow...

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