Summer DoTeam building is one of the most important values of Ascensor and every year we have several team building, fun activities. This year, for the Ascensor Summer Do, we're all having an afternoon of trust and team building activities at Ascensor HQ, followed by a meal at a restaurant. The activities aim to integrate the new team members and the old team to help them connect and improve group communications, which will then in turn increase collaborations and productivity across all areas. As each sector of the business will interact in friendly competition this means people who do not usually come into contact will have to work together as a team.

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Team building is so important, it encourages each team member to trust their own judgement and instincts, increase personal confidence. If members of a team feel confident in themselves they are more likely to trust the rest of the team. These activities also allow each participant to self asses their strengths and weaknesses in a safe and non-work related environment, this will demonstrate to them which aspects they need to personally work on in order to develop their own problem solving and planning skills.

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As a group these activities are designed to improve group dynamic and better the team’s compatibility and motivation in the work place. These exercises can be used to reiterate the company’s values to the team and bring out the best in team members which continues growth. Morale and welfare can be improved as the team are more relaxed around management, stronger bonds can be created and bridges can be built as the team will feel more understanding of one another.


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