Ascensor Liquid™ Responsive Content Management System

Ascensor Liquid™, our own proprietary content management system (CMS) was born in 2009 – it looks very different today than it did back then, but we have ensured it meets our core values of performance, stability and flexibility. Ascensor Liquid™ is great whether you are looking to manage basic brochure website content or manage a complex Ecommerce business, the experience is consistent and intuitive.

Before we set to work on our proprietary system we reviewed the various content management systems that were popular at the time. WordPress had been around for a few years and was starting to be used for more than just blog creation, and we certainly built some sites using this system. Our main concerns centred around security (and they still do with WordPress) but the system was easy to use and our front-end developers were able to learn a system and technology that previously required back end developers to code. As Ascensor was becoming well known for the development of Ecommerce websites we needed a robust solution that would replace our legacy code (we had previously worked with hand-coded .asp), changes in website security and the stability of our code was causing problems, we needed to come up with a solution that could evolve as we knew Ecommerce would.

We looked at various existing solutions, Magento was starting to find popularity, Lemonstand was another popular Ecommerce system at the time. Neither of these systems offered the flexibility that we had had with our previous technology, and though we could see scope with both systems we made the decision to develop our own system, using a framework to handle security and other standard tasks. We tried various MVC frameworks including Symfony, Codeigniter and Fuel PHP before settling on Laravel PHP, and we haven’t looked back. At the time Laravel was gaining popularity thanks to its automated processes and security and overt the years Laravel has continued to evolve and meet the demands of our database driven activities.

We believe the latest version of Ascensor Liquid™ is as good, if not better than all other content management systems out there. It is easy to use (intuitive), it is secure and it is flexible to grow thanks to its modular structure, it evolves as your business does. Our experience as Ecommerce website developers is matched by a CMS that is capable of handling the most complex product mix, easily and efficiently – and it is lightweight enough to handle basic brochure websites as each instance is built to order.

Why you should choose Ascensor Liquid™

Ascensor Liquid™ has evolved each year and will keep evolving to handle the growing demands of online businesses. Whether you retail or you don’t, Ascensor Liquid™ can power your business content, here’s the key features of our latest version:

Responsive Content Management

Ascensor Liquid™ has been mobile responsive since 2015, it was one of the first content management systems to deliver administrator user experience through the administration panel and facilitated the management of complex front end activities from any device. The current version of Ascensor Liquid™ is more efficient than ever on a mobile device, so not only does it put full control at your finger-tips, it runs quickly on all connections, perfect for the mobile environment.

Flexibility and Scalability

Ascensor Liquid™ features a core infrastructure which means it is very quick to set-up, and then each function is modular, this means that new websites can be assembled very quickly. It also means that we can build completely different websites using the same core platform, with the addition of various modules to give our clients a bespoke website that meets their exact needs. Because Ascensor have developed all of the modules and features, even the most unique requirements can be developed, without having to start again from scratch.


Built using the Laravel PHP Framework, Ascensor Liquid™ does not need continuous updating because the core code is locked down. Our modules have been developed in-house and fully tested, so when we build a new website we already know that the core functionality is stable. There are no plug-ins so unlike other systems that are built using various different pieces of code (generally developed by different people), Ascensor Liquid™ is consistent, and everything is designed to work together. Because there are no forced version updates we have no issues with code compatibility and so the system remains completely stable and rarely needs to be updated.

Efficient Ecommerce Management

Ascensor Liquid™ is great for Ecommerce, this is where it is in its element! We are able to connect Ascensor Liquid™ to various third party software including accounting systems and ERP to provide a system that never tries to reinvent the wheel. We know what our CMS is good for and we ensure that it is compatible with other systems to provide a system that talks to whatever our clients need it to.

Flexible Hosting

Like most website development agencies, we prefer to host our client sites, this way we can control the environment and any changes that are made. From time to time we have clients who want to handle their own hosting, and we are not precious over Ascensor Liquid™ and so we are more than happy to set up Ascensor Liquid™ websites on third party servers if required.

If you have not seen Ascensor Liquid™ in action, we’d be more than happy to give you a demo, please contact us for your Ascensor Liquid™ demo.

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