Ascensor are very proud to announce that we have been accepted into the new flagship London BNI Group, BNI Infinity in Canary Wharf.

This presents a huge business opportunity for Ascensor. Andrew Firth will hold the seat, bringing with him over 5 years BNI experience in which he has held most roles including Chapter Director, Education Coordinator and Lead Visitor Host.

"It was difficult leaving the Huddersfield Terriers yesterday, one of the most dynamic groups in the country, but we are retaining the seat thanks to Laura's (Account Executive) attendance." said Andrew, "The Canary Wharf group fits perfectly with our London expansion plans and it's an opportunity that cannot be missed, with BNI such a crucial part of our overall marketing strategy".

BNI is a referral organisation and Ascensor will be able to contribute by way of referrals and introductions as our London contact database rapidly expands.

Ascensor provide Web Design London and in Leeds.

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