19th Update your website frequently

Sites with dynamic and frequent content rank much higher than those with static, older content. Start a blog on your website for the latest industry or brand news and events and keep it updated!

20th Optimise your PPC campaigns by using negative keywords

Keywords that bring in lots of unwanted, irrelevant traffic can have a negative impact on your Return on Investment (ROI). By excluding search terms from your campaigns and focusing on the keywords that matter to your customers, you can put your ad in front of interested users that will bring high-quality traffic to your landing pages.

21st Use every relevant Ad Extension on AdWords

To maximise the performance of your ads, adding extensions can give your ad greater visibility and prominence on the search results page. Giving you more value from your ad. Extensions will often increase the total number of clicks and can give people additional ways of interacting with you – such as maps or calls.

22nd Make your website about one thing!

Make sure your website surrounds one topic. It can have information about other stuff too, but be sure to pick one primary topic that is the most essential to your message. This will help to increase your SEO ranking from Google.

23rd Have other websites link to you

Having other websites linking to you is an important SEO factor. Optimizing for off-site ranking involves building backlinks which are at the heart of off-site SEO. Search engines use backlinks as indications of the link-to content’s quality. So, a site with numerous high-value backlinks will usually rank better than one of equal quality with fewer backlinks.

24th Content is king

Though it is the most overused expression within the Digital Marketing community, it still prevails as the truest. Great content is great for SEO, it encourages engagement, it adds value to your products/services and increases your traffic. If a website is packed with updated, engaging content it is much more likely to leave an impression on the user and encourage them to interact with you. 

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