Ascensor Digital Marketing Advent Calendar Week 1

1st Optimise your Google My Business page

In a survey, it was found that 60% of people use the online business directory; Google Local, making it by far the most popular online business directory. According to Google, 18% of local searches result in a conversion making it a potentially huge Digital Marketing resource. You can claim your businesses Google My Business page in a matter of minutes and if you really want to capitalise, optimise your GMB listing.

2nd Consider Remarketing

96% of traffic doesn’t convert on the first visit. When Google remarketing started to gain traction around three years ago, a lot of businesses were sceptical about the potential for remarketing as opposed to standard display campaigns. Now, the results speak for themselves. Because we are much more likely to click on something that is relevant to us and our previous search behaviour, 96% of conversions come from repeat visitors and conversion rates from remarketing campaigns are typically 0.6% to 2.0%. This is significantly higher than standard display campaigns which average around 0.1%.

3rd Optimised for Voice Search?

Voice search is being used by more and more people to surf the internet. In 2017 alone, there has been an unprecedented growth of voice searches with a study showing that a whopping 61% of the population talk to their mobile devices through AI applications. As voice searches are more likely to involve a user asking a question such as ‘What is the best restaurant in Bradford?’ rather than a more refined search such as ‘Best restaurant in Bradford’ which is the standard that most business are working to rank for, it is essential to optimise for both. This is because it is predicted that by as soon as 2020, 50% of all searches online will be via voice search. This will mean massive changes for PPC and other keyword rich strategies.

4th AMP-lify your digital marketing

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project aimed at allowing mobile website content to render nearly instantly. Google has sponsored this initiative (though it isn’t owned by the tech giants) as has Bing, Twitter and many others. In its first incarnation in 2015, AMP was focused on media sites. Those types of publishers wanted to participate because AMP would make their mobile sites much faster and Google was offering a huge amount of incremental exposure through the “top stories carousel”. Now AMP can also be applied to e-commerce sites, with one site seeing a 40% reduction in bounce rate as well as a lift in their overall e-commerce results. Event Tickets Centre saw an astounding 100% increase in e-commerce conversions after implementing 99.9% of their pages in AMP.

5th Invest in Social Media, it’s not Free

Paid advertising through social media, especially Facebook, has matured these social media sharing platforms into robust sources of high quality, converting traffic for advertisers. If cost is an important factor in your marketing campaign, it is also considerably more affordable when you consider the Return on Investment compared to that of Google AdWords, especially if your main goal is raising brand awareness. Facebook alone has almost 2 billion active users that can be reached depending on many factors including their location, interests, age and gender. It is also an extremely effective remarketing platform. Considering that 96% of conversions come from repeat visitors and conversions from remarketing campaigns are significantly higher than that of its display campaign counterparts, this gives it huge potential to be an extremely effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

6th Be Mobile First

Google is changing the way that it assesses the quality of your website. From judging your site as though it’s a desktop site, it’ll switch to doing so as a mobile site and each piece of content that can’t be reached on your mobile site won’t count for your ranking. The how and when Google will roll this out is still unclear, but Google say that they are already in the stages of testing it. They have also said that aren’t ready for it shouldn’t be hurt for the time being, but if your sire isn’t working fast and well on mobile, then that should be a top priority. 

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