Since launching Ascensor Air back in 2013 we have helped over 50 small businesses to get online with a professional and affordable website solution. The ethos was very much to ensure we had a solution for all levels of enquiry, to ensure that we could provide a service to any business at a price that they could afford.

As a digital agency in Leeds, as city that has fast become the hub of digital and creative talent across the UK, we regularly get new enquiries for Ecommerce websites. There are many ‘off the shelf solutions’ available such as Magento, but they can be very cumbersome and frustrating and rarely end-up as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. We do build using PHP shops where required, and certainly we can work to lower initial budgets, but often the ongoing maintenances costs, managing updates etc can leave clients feeling frustrated – we prefer to build bespoke every time!

The problem with bespoke is that it can cost a lot. Clients also think they are locked in with a bespoke solution (I would argue that even Magneto sites, if built to suit client requirements end up as bespoke sites anyway, with the Magento administration), which with many agencies they are.

Ascensor Liquid™ is different, it is a lightweight PHP platform that we have been evolving since 2009. The latest version is fully device responsive so clients can manage all aspects of their Ecommerce website whilst on the move.

To overcome the cost issues associated with building bespoke sites, but providing the lightweight flexibility of a bespoke administration (that does not require ongoing maintenance) we have come up with a solution – Ascensor Air: Ecommerce.

By creating templates (in the same way we have done for the Ascensor Air brochure sites) we remove a huge amount of work in terms of design, front end coding and testing. Just like with the brochure sites, clients have their own content, colour scheme etc but because the design is fixed (it can be customised to suit) it means that we can provide the same Ecommerce functionality that we do in the huge bespoke sites we build, but at a fraction of the cost.

For businesses already selling online, but not generating enough revenue, or for businesses selling a lot through the shopping portal and are looking at getting a longer term cost reduction, this solution is ideal.

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