What a year 2019 has been for the team! 

As we enter the new year and the new decade, we've been reflecting on what we got up to in 2019...

The A-Team

Throughout 2019 we continued to grow and added to our A-Team. Now with a strong team of 20+, we've added people who are creative, collaborative, customer focused, progressive and fearless.

Get to know some of the latest members of the A-Team here.

Created Digital Experiences

We've helped many small businesses to get online thanks to our Air Websites solution.

Creating digital experiences for businesses is what we love to do and we've had the pleasure of helping to grow both local and nationwide businesses with our bespoke websites and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) too.

Air Websites Struck by AMP ⚡

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have really struck a cord with our low-cost, template solution; many of our Air Websites designs are now available in super-fast AMP.

But what is AMP? Read all about it here...

And see how it's helped our client's sites here!

Landed in Leeds!

We designed, fitted out and moved into our brand new Leeds office!

With such a booming digital sector in Leeds, moving from our home in Birstall and getting closer to the action was an important part of our growth plans and supporting our recruitment drive.

Our new home in Leeds boasts seminar space, plenty of inspiring meeting rooms, and vibrant breakout areas for the team.

Why not pop over for a cuppa, a tour and a chat?

Celebrated Our Move

To celebrate our new office and our move into Leeds, we spent an evening with clients, associates, supporters and family at our new home. The date also marked our 12th birthday, which was a great way to spend the evening celebrating how far we've come in 12 years and how far we can go! 

Added an Extra-Terrestrial Team Member

Something extra-terrestrial landed in Leeds... and arrived at Ascensor!

Our new team member isn't from Yorkshire though - they're from just a little further out from the planet Erihskroy.

The Ascensor Alien documented their first day in Leeds and you can find out all about their day of exploring here!

Grew Our Outreach Offering

Influencer marketing has continued to grow massively throughout 2019 and has even become a key aspect within a business' marketing strategy. We added successful outreach services to our client's strategies this year and this has helped clients to grow their online presence and build brand awareness.

Find out more about influencer marketing and what to look out for here!

Helped Worcester Accredited Installers Grow Their Business

Throughout 2019 we continued to help Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers to grow their business and increase the number of enquiries. Our Air Websites solution is a partner of Worcester Bosch for providing web design and digital marketing services to their installers. 

Take a look at the installers we've helped so far by visiting here and filtering by Worcester Bosch Websites!

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