Are your Ecommerce product pages converting?

Is your Ecommerce website failing to convert? Have you got a high shopping cart abandonment rate? Well, it might be down to the user experience of visitors to your site.

There are a variety of different types of website user, with each type of user reading and using websites in a different way. Some make fast, logical decisions. They tend to be impatient, skim through content quickly to get a sense of the big picture, and want you to get to the point. Others make decisions slowly. They want all the details and perform lots of research before making decisions. There are also users that make decisions based on Emotion. They typically want to know what others experienced. They especially appreciate testimonials and social proof.

If you want to get your Ecommerce website to convert, you are going to have to cater to as many of the different types of users a possible, and these features will help.


This is quite an obvious one. Every product page needs an Add to Cart or Buy Now call-to-action, otherwise, your website is just a digital catalogue. This button has also got to stand out. Too often, Ecommerce shops tend to cram a lot of other things in this area of the page, such as; social buttons, related products and product options. Though these items should be available to the user, they probably shouldn’t take attention away from the primary call-to-action.

You could also consider a secondary call-to-action. This provides an alternative conversion opportunity and is generally featured less prominently on the page. For example, if your primary call-to-action might be for visitors to buy one of your products. A secondary call-to-action may ask visitors to add the product to a wish list.

Ratings and Reviews

Testimonials are highly important if you are going to appeal to users who require social proof. Social Proof is a psychological process, which causes people to copy the behaviour of others, to reflect correct behaviour. In other words, users will need to see proof that their peers have bought and enjoyed your product before they are willing to give it a try themselves.

Trust Indicators

There’s a lot of risks associated with Online Shopping and this especially true for your first-time visitors. Users will evaluate your trustworthy-ness before they make the decision to buy. They will want to know if their data is safe. They will want to be assured their privacy is protected. They want the confidence that they will get exactly what they ordered and when they expect it. They also want to know that your customer service is there if they need it.

Luckily, you can win new customers by simply displaying proven trust indicators in key places on the product page, such as; badges, seals and well-placed reminders.

Alternative Views

To give visitors to your Ecommerce website a shop-like experience, you’d want them to be able to ‘hold’ the product. Obviously, technology isn’t quite there for them to do this physically. But you can give them a sense of having it in the hand, by allowing them to look at the product from multiple angles.

Detailed Product Descriptions

A lot of Ecommerce businesses severely underestimate the importance of high-quality content. But a good product description can help you sell and boost your conversion rates.

Although, it is tempting to cut corners and copy and paste the manufacturer's description. We believe you should be writing unique product descriptions for every product on your website. Why? Because not only will it help to entice customers and sell the product. It will also help with SEO, enhance the browsing experience and be a sign of professionalism.

So, have a look at your website and see if there is anything you can improve on. And as a result, you could see higher conversions and reduced shopping cart abandonment. If you are in the market for an Ecommerce site, get in touch!

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