As powerful as Facebook advertising may be, it can also be incredibly complicated and unintuitive to set up.

Even experts can come across a wide variety of error codes and sometimes not find a resolution.

An error code that we discovered recently puzzled us - but we then realised that there was practically no information available out there to actually fix it.

Our Facebook ad experts got to work and thankfully were able to resolve the issue. 

Here we thought we’d share how, in case you've been struggling to fix the fault yourselves…

Last month (January 2022) Facebook made major changes to its special ad category requirements on ads manager.

Now, advertisers running special ad categories cannot use certain detailed targeting options, and if these options appear in your saved audience, this can cause problems with ad delivery.

You may have noticed this error message appearing in your adset when trying to fix these disapproved ads:

“Please remove all selected saved audiences. (#2446195)”

This is because you have discontinued targeting options in your saved audience, and it’s also because you cannot use saved audiences any more for special ads. 

But what if your audience is very specific and in-depth, with lots of variables?

You don’t want to spend hours trying to recreate the same audience whilst manually weeding out the discontinued targeting options. 

The best thing to do is click on ‘Create New Audience’ to remove the saved one from the adset. Next, press on saved audience and click on the previous audience you were using.

You should then see the following message:

Now, Facebook will automatically create a new audience that's not in the saved audience tab, and will take as many aspects of the original saved audience that are still in use, and apply them as a new audience.

You should now see that the error message has disappeared and, once published, your ads should start running again.

If you’ve experienced any Facebook errors that you can't find a resolution for, get in touch and our Facebook advertising experts will be more than happy to take a look into it for you!

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