In a number of previous blogs we have outlined a couple of factors to ensure your ecommerce site’s success, but with summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to revisit your marketing efforts to boost visitors to your site and ultimately sales. In truth, every ecommerce site different, meaning that there is no one full proof marketing plan to ensure your site is found. But, there are a number of factors that can boost your site’s chances of summer success if a focus is placed upon them. Check out our top 5 summer marketing tips for ecommercesites below:

  1. Social Media
  • Social media can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and is free so it’s a channel worth utilising. Whatever your plans for the upcoming summer months, your presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram must remain strong. Consistent postings, regular updates, image heavy promotions and interaction with your followers will place your brand in the front of consumer minds and increase your chances of them visiting your site.
  1. Summer Sales
  • Every consumer loves a bargain and with so much sales activity from rival ecommerce stores in the summer months, a summer sale could help your products appeal to consumers ahead of your competitor’s offerings. The timing of these sales is crucial, with trends within your sector proving to be the best indicator of when to drop prices. If you can offer the ‘in’ product of the summer at a cheaper price than your competitors for a limited time to add urgency, you are likely to see sales soar.
  1. Online Bloggers
  • New ways to promote products online are appearing every day, with one recent method emerging in the last few years being online bloggers. The popularity of these online blogs/vlogs has exploded recently and has provided a platform for brands to reach consumers on a far more personal level. The modern consumer is far more likely to buy into the endorsements of these online personalities rather than messages directly from your brand and they therefore allow you to promote your summer offerings through product reviews, competitions or posts which consumers love to engage with.
  1. Pay Per Click
  • Search engine optimisation can and will increase visits to your site through organic search, however, it does take time to implement and for effects to be seen. One short term solution to ensure your site is found in the fast approaching summer months is a pay per click campaign. By paying for sponsored ads to appear in the valuable real estate space at the top of Google search results, you up your chances of being found by consumers. Through promoting summer sales and special offers through these ads, you will catch the eye of consumers searching Google for summer deals.
  1. Email Marketing Campaigns
  • One of the quickest and most direct methods of making sure a large number of potential customers are aware of your summer offerings is through email marketing campaigns. By emailing out details of your summer sales and special offers to your email contacts, you have more chance of them engaging with your messages and making them feel valued if promotions are exclusive. Through providing links to your site in these emails, potential customers will have a quick and simple method of visiting your site and purchasing from you.

The marketing team here at Ascensor have a wide range of skills in implementing campaigns to drive traffic to sites and, ultimately, increase sales. To discover how we can help your ecommerce site boost traffic for the summer months and beyond, get in touch today!


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