In a world where consumers are becoming more and more inclined to Google before they shop, there are still a surprisingly large number of small businesses who still don’t have a website. There are many reasons behind the decision not to venture online, ranging from the fact that business owners don’t feel it would bring enough benefit to their company, through to the simple fact that many simply wouldn’t know what content to put online.

Here at Ascensor, we believe that, if built correctly, a website can only move small businesses forward, check out our top 5 reasons why below:

  1. More professional brand image
  • First impressions are crucial in the business world and increasingly, these first impressions are happening online. By building a well branded, professional site which consumers can use as their first port of call with your business, you improve the overall professionalism of your company and increase the chances of consumers choosing your offerings over your competitors.
  1. A platform to display your work
  • Not only does a website provide a platform for you to place information for potential and existing customers, it also offers a place for you to shout about the work you have done. By including a case study/testimonial section on your site, you can provide examples of successful work you have completed along with glowing quotes from your satisfied customers. Consumers are far more likely to trust a business if they can see positive reviews from previous clients/customers.
  1. Control your search rankings
  • Through online directories and listing pages, small businesses can build up somewhat of a presence within search results. However, this is far less controllable compared to a search engine presence built up through a website. By optimising your site’s content and metadata and undertaking a good PR strategy, you can ensure you rank for the keyword terms most appropriate for your company. Ranking for such terms gives you a better chance of climbing further up search results and gaining more relevant online traffic for your company.
  1. Create another sales tool
  • While face to face selling is far from dead, there has been a definite shift in recent years as consumers move online to buy products. By creating an ecommerce platform, you ensure that your business benefits from these potential online customers while also expanding your offerings in terms of purchasing and delivering items. Your online sales tool can run 24/7 meaning that you will never miss out on a potential sale.
  1. Build up your contact list
  • There is no better tool to build up your contact list than a website. By including a newsletter sign up, a contact form or simply by tracking visitors to your site, you can build up a database of potential new clients and target individual groups accordingly. Email campaigns can be set up based on the traffic your site receives to ensure your messages are relevant to the content and information that is being regularly viewed.

As a start up business, you will want to get online as quickly as possible to make sure that your customers can find you; we also understand that you won’t want to pay a fortune to make this happen. With our sister product, Ascensor Air we create high quality websites at a range of prices that can suit any budget. From £399 our ‘Getting Started’ package is perfect for start-ups, for more established businesses we also offer two enhanced packages providing more pages and functions. All of our website designs are available with responsive design allowing your online presence to fully function on mobiles and tablets and future proof your investment.

To learn more about the range of Ascensor Air packages, visit the website here. Or for more information about how we can help get your business online, get in touch today!

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