What’s in store in 2018? Ascensor share their digital predictions

With another year almost over and 2018 almost in sight (and before we get stuck into the leftover turkey sandwiches), it’s time for Ascensor to throw our hats into the ring and make our seasonal predictions.

In this article, we have gone around the team and asked them to gaze into the crystal ball to make predictions relating to 2018’s digital trends. These cover trends in both Digital Marketing and Web Development.

What the team had to say...

Andy Firth, MD – “I predict progressive web apps to become much more commonplace as a cost-effective way to deliver an app-like user experience. I expect Apple to continue their support of these and we may even start to see changes in iOS that will allow PWA’s to use more of the iPhone features.”

Ryan Forde, Marketing Manager – “In 2018, I think there is going to be a heavy focus on ‘Quality over Quantity’ in blogs. The internet has become saturated and users are now looking for high quality, useful and engaging content. With our clients, we are going to focus on creating content that serves a particular purpose and focuses on one subject matter at a time.”

Donna Clinch, Front End Developer – “I believe the ‘Internet of Things’ is going to open a whole host of new opportunities in Web Design as it merges the physical and online worlds. It will be interesting to see how we will able to connect everyday consumer objects and industrial equipment onto a single network.”

Jonathan Hunter, Marketing Executive – “In 2018, I believe that there will be a massive growth in voice search, AMP is going to continue to develop and become much easier to implement and of course, huge advancements in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence.”

Imran Ahmed, Designer – “In 2017, the mainstream media, governments and the general public have been exposed to the tectonic shifts taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies with bitcoin leading the charge. 2018 will be the year of countless other competitors entering this growing digital corner of the web. Majority of the coins will potentially all fail and only very few will remain, a parallel to the dot-com bubble, the ones that remain their value will soar.”

Plamen Rangelov, Marketing Executive – “Users are now more comfortable than ever before shopping online using their phone. However, something that is surprising, is that many people still forget to optimise their PPC campaigns for mobile. In 2018, it is going to be more likely that the first touch point with your business will be on a mobile device. That’s why we will continue to ensure all our clients have responsive websites and optimised landing pages next year.”

If you are thinking about making “improving your digital footprint” your business’ new year’s resolution, why not get in touch and find out how we can help.

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