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The best way to grow any business is to build relationships; these relationships require you to contact your customers on a regular basis to build trust. Email marketing can be an integral part of a small business plan, it helps businesses grow and expand.

Small business’ email marketing can be split up into stages, the first is building a list of contacts who will potentially be glad to hear from you. Secondly you need to regularly send out interesting emails which engage readers.

  1. It’s easy to start – all you need is a computer, an internet connection and an account with an email marketing provider, we for example use Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free to set up and you don’t pay any fees until you have over 2000 people in your contacts.
  1. Your message can be shared quickly – The same day you create your account you are able to start sending out emails and building your list. When your first email is sent it is delivered instantly rather than having to wait for postage, printing or distribution.
  1. Regular contact – You are able to keep in contact with every customer all of the time, this means you are able to stay connected with your customers without the chance of other companies steeling them. Regular emails also keep your customers informed of your business.
  1. Message adaptability and personality – Messages can be tweaked based on any detailed results you may have previously gathered, whether that be personalising emails based on information given when people sign up to your list or based on which taglines have the highest engagement rate.
  1. Instant responses can be seen – Every email needs to ask the reader to engage, this doesn’t always have to be to buy something, it can be to read your blog or share your email with others. These responses are often instant and you are able to track what you’ve asked readers to do.
  1. You can trace your emails – Using the analytics provided by your email marketing account provider you are able to check many different factors. These include; bounce rate, opened emails, emails send and links within the email clicked. This information is very specific.
  1. Lots of opportunity – You have more than one chance to get things right, just remember every single email won’t appeal to every single reader. However if you send enough emails over time there will be something which appeals to everyone. Email marketing also allows for multiple opportunities to connect with readers and potentially convert them into paying customers.
  1. Subscribers can be reached anywhere – Mobile phones can be checked anywhere and everywhere, your target market will literally carry around your marketing and view it when it’s convenient for them.
  1. It generates traffic – Using links within your emails leads people back to your website which will improve traffic. The traffic generated will also be made up of those who are subscribed to your email list so therefore they want to know more about your product or service, making them likely to be converted.
  1. Levels the playing field – Small businesses are able to compete with large businesses.

Email marketing is often at the centre of small business success, it makes it easy for businesses to send out updates to their followers and, in turn, makes it easier for their followers to be converted into customers.

Here at Ascensor our Marketing Team can develop an email marketing plan for your business so get in touch today!

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