Everybody knows the domain name .co.uk, but have you heard of .uk?

Have you registered your own website with a .uk domain? It’s crucial that you do!

In 2014, Nominet, the official registry for UK domain names, released .uk known as ‘the shorter, sharper domain name’. This domain is straight to the point, and allows more focus on the name of your website rather than the text that follows.

If your domain was registered and maintained within the five year period, then your .uk domain will be reserved… though not for too much longer.

Right now, you might have the right of registration for your .uk domain, however you need to act fast, as by 25th June 2019 this reservation will be lost. Meaning that if missed, anybody at all can register a website with your name and the .uk domain. This could be competitors, the general public, and especially cyber squatters.

Cybersquatters could also take the opportunity to impersonate your company, which could be catastrophic. Unsavvy users may not notice the missing ‘.co’ and could trust the website believing that it is your own, risking your business losing reputation and credibility, and customers losing money. Instead of taking these risks, make sure you take the time to register your domain as soon as possible.

You have until 25th June 2019 to register and protect your .uk domain, as on 1st July 2019, the domain will be available to anybody. Luckily, we’re here to help and we can register your domain for you. Get in touch with our helpdesk, or via our contact form and we can begin registering your .uk domain.

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