Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Ascensor is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner. This includes continuously improving our practices, and a commitment to ensuring slavery or human trafficking is prevented. We will not tolerate slavery or human trafficking in our business or supply chain.

As a business in the UK, we pay a living wage to our staff as well as holiday pay and paid company holidays.

On the rare occasion that we work with third-party developers from within the EU, they are contracted directly on a freelance basis and are paid the quoted price for any works undertaken.

We work with an outsourced HR Company who produced and advises on our terms and conditions of employment and the specifics of which are detailed in our Employment Agreement and mutually agreed upon by the employee and the company.

All employees have twice annual appraisals and salary reviews are taken into consideration, over 80% of employees receive a salary increase at least once per annum.

All employees are given notice in accordance with our standard terms of employment should their employment be terminated at theirs or the company’s decision

Employees also agree to fully co-operate in assisting Ascensor in maintaining accurate records of our working hours for the purposes of the Working Time Regulations 1998.

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