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Pay-per-click advertising is a great way of driving a high volume of new and existing customers to your website. Put simply, it's a way of paying for site visits, rather than attempting to 'earn' them organically in search engine rankings. A user clicks on one of your online ads, which directs them to your site. The best part? You only pay when they click. Using pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, you can easily track the return on investment from your ad spend, whilst generating incredible brand awareness and revenue.

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Google partner PPC agency

Google partner PPC agency We're certified PPC Google Partners based in Leeds and use a data-driven approach on campaigns to ensure they're always running as efficiently as possible.

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Any good PPC agency will have return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators in mind when working with you - but Ascensor are so much more than a PPC agency.

We're a well-established full-service digital marketing agency, so our expert ROI-focused team will look at which aspect of PPC works best for you in your target market, and assess how this can be supported in the long term through additional marketing channels, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and website design. Ascensor offers a full stack of PPC services and we break down all our clients' campaigns into three sections - Strategise, Optimise & Analyse. This means that we continually tweak and fine-tune your PPC campaign so its performance improves over time, increasing your revenue and helping to grow your brand.

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Our Pay-Per-Click services

Google Search ads

Google Search ads

With paid search ads it's vital that your PPC agency understands the customers you're trying to target, so that the ad copy, keywords, location and demographic are all perfectly tailored towards getting the right message to the right person, at the right time. As Google Search ads are text-based, it's vital that your ad copy is creative, convincing and engaging, to drive customers to your website. Ascensor's team of digital marketing experts have years of PPC copywriting experience, so your Google Search ads will always feature bespoke content that resonates with your target audience.

Google ads management

Having the right PPC agency taking care of your Google Ads management is crucial to ensuring you achieve your PPC campaign goals, with a strong ROI. From campaigns and ad groups to keywords and optimisation, we monitor your entire Google Ads account to ensure you're always outperforming your competitors' PPC campaigns.

Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads have developed over time to become a prominent and highly-successful part of PPC strategy for many e-commerce clients. Utilising sharp, high-quality images, brands can instantly have their products stand out from the crowd and the Ascensor team has seen some of the highest returns on ad spend for our clients using Google Shopping campaigns.

Video ads

Video ads

Video marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, with digital marketing in general and the PPC sphere specifically becoming more tailored to video content than ever before. Creating compelling video content is now a simple process, and there are a number of different options to consider when you choose video ads as part of a PPC campaign. Whether you want to target new customers and increase brand awareness, launch a new product or highlight a certain offer you have running, all of these can be achieved in supremely creative ways, at a low cost per view.

Remarketing ads

You know those ads that seem to follow you across the internet and appear everywhere after you've visited a site? That's remarketing. A great remarketing strategy has the ability to drive some of the most creative, targeted ads to potential customers at the right point in the buying cycle. Remarketing ads work by focusing on people who have visited your website in the past, targeting them with relevant ad imagery and copy related to what they viewed on your website.

Bing ads management

Bing is sometimes overlooked as a search engine because of Google's dominance, but it has a great ads platform all of its own. Any old PPC agency might neglect it, but we're Bing experts and know that using it can be a great way of getting ahead of your competitors and gaining ground on targeting traffic they may never have thought of. Our PPC team recognises that Bing ads have a strong conversion rate of targeted paid search traffic, with a host of distinct ads available for your PPC campaign.

Google Display ads

Google Display ads

Display ads are one of the most effective ways of expanding your potential customer reach and increasing brand awareness. With the use of high-quality images tailored to your brand and products, PPC display ads are shown on third-party websites, with the primary goal of increasing brand awareness and driving more paid search traffic back to your website. Display advertising is a cornerstone of any successful PPC marketing campaign.

PPC account audits

With so many variables to constantly monitor across the PPC sphere, it’s crucial that the whole account, as well as specific campaigns, are optimised to ensure you are achieving the best possible results. Ascensor's experts are able to provide clients with a full PPC account audit to help optimise your PPC strategy and achieve the results you are looking for, in the short or long term.

Landing page optimisation

It’s vital to ensure that your PPC account is operating as efficiently as possible to drive traffic to your site, but without a high-performing landing page, your traffic will never convert into sales and leads as well as you anticipate. As well as boosting conversion rates, having an optimised landing page actually improves the quality score of your PPC ads, therefore reducing the actual Cost Per Click for your paid search ads.

Paid Social

Paid social

With paid social media ads our clients have the power to target a specific audience in a town, city, country, or even continent. The reach of paid social media on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn has allowed organisations to connect with people on an unprecedented scale. With paid social as part of your PPC advertising campaign, you no longer have to be a household name to be recognised on a global level. Furthermore, you're not just relying on search engine traffic and your ads are guaranteed to be viewed by your precise target audience.

CRO support

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) helps improve the user journey by developing better experiences on the pages they land on. The ever-evolving relationship between PPC and CRO is vital to help convert new customers into leads and sales when they arrive at your site, as well as improving the overall user journey and browsing experience. Great PPC management can't exist without the help of CRO experts - and Ascensor offers you both.

Reporting and data visualisation

When it comes to PPC campaigns, communication is key to ensuring that your goals are aligned. Using key metrics from Google Data Studio, the Ascensor PPC team create monthly reports, highlighting the performance of individual ads, specific campaigns, and the impact they have had on website traffic and search rankings. Populated with easy-to-understand graphs and data visualisations, our regular reporting allows you to see how the overall channel is performing, as well as looking at what can be expanded and improved to further optimise the channel.

Our approach to paid search

Our approach to paid search Pay per click has evolved so quickly that in a short space of time businesses are now regularly using different forms of PPC in their advertising campaigns to enhance brand awareness and revenue.

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A PPC marketplace that started out in the early days as primarily Search ads has now evolved into Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Remarketing, all with their own unique ways of targeting potential customers at different points in their buying journey.

Because of how fast the world of PPC has developed, we always tailor our approach to each individual client. Depending on what you want to achieve and taking into account the needs of your industry, your competitors, and much more, we put together a detailed plan of action and work alongside you for every step of your bespoke journey.

As the phrase 'pay per click' suggests, our PPC agency experts work with you to ensure that you're happy with daily spend levels, what you're getting for your money, and the number of conversions that these clicks will lead to. Budgets can be completely flexible around your business and can be tailored towards specific PPC campaigns, months, or even days!

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A data-led approach to PPC management

A data-led approach to PPC management

Within our award-winning PPC management strategy, every decision we take revolves around the study of analytical data. In-depth data analysis allows us to make decisions in a way that benefits both the long- and short-term performance of your PPC accounts. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we ensure that our paid search campaigns align with every other form of PPC, as well as other digital marketing channels.

By using a data-led approach across our award-winning agency, we ensure that our Google and Bing paid search campaigns are using the latest industry insights and marginal gains to obtain every possible advantage in an extremely competitive market.

What our clients say about our PPC services

What Trimble said...

"I have found the Ascensor Team easy to work with. They respond well to the brief given and also come back with suggestions and ideas on ways to improve our goal completions, which shows in results. Regular reporting helps with communication and they always respond quickly when contacted."

Marian Thomasson Trimble Solution
What Melissa said...

"Thanks to Ascensor’s very practical and hands-on help and advice on website enhancement, SEO and social media promotion, our team of nine stylists have been at full capacity for the last four months."

Melissa Timperley Melissa Timperley Salons
What Raithwaite said...

"Ascensor implemented Google Search & Display strategy to ensure we were in a great position for the reopening of our hotel."

Max Hunter Raithwaite Sandsend

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