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A digital marketing audit gives you, as a business owner, an insight into the current standing of your digital marketing performance and identifies where opportunities lie for improvement.

At Ascensor, we're well versed in delivering a wide range of digital marketing audits, either standalone, as combined channel audits or as part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy.

We love getting under the hood of your site to find where the problems lie and where we can find opportunities for growth in your digital marketing mix.

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Digital marketing audits

Get started with a digital marketing audit A digital marketing audit will always be bespoke to your business.

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Depending on your website size, age, niche and your digital marketing history, the technical requirements of the audits may differ, but will largely fit into the categories we've set out below.

Our expert consultants will be able to advise which will be most beneficial for your site before we carry out the audits for you. Before we conduct the audits, we'll always have a discussion with you first to ensure we understand what your long-term business goals are, so we can tailor the audit discovery process and findings in line with your objectives.

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Our digital marketing audit services

Website performance analysis

Website performance analysis

We will conduct an initial performance analysis for your website across your relevant marketing channels, to understand and compare the current standing of your site against the desired focus areas for your business.

We'll use our expertise and cutting-edge technical toolset to provide data-led marketing performance insights and indicate which areas of your current strategy are delivering, and where there is the opportunity for improvement to attract more potential customers.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

We will analyse what's working for your competition - where there are opportunities for you to exploit and take traffic from them, and where there are gaps in the landscape for you to take advantage of. Utilising our expert knowledge and insights, we can provide competitor analysis recommendations that will allow your brand to see growth.

Whether you're a large brand looking to dominate the market, or a smaller brand that needs to be more creative to stimulate growth, we can put together bespoke audit recommendations to help you succeed.

SEO auditing

SEO auditing

Our agency experts will provide an in-depth technical SEO audit that will pinpoint issues and areas for improvement. We can provide a combination of technical SEO audits, website content SEO audits, backlink profile audits and SEO-focused content marketing audits. We'll identify which areas of the SEO audit are needed for us to provide you with the required recommendations to ensure improvement in search rankings and visibility growth in organic search results for your brand.

Our recommendations will include organic SEO best practices, focus keywords, performance metrics and strategic improvements that our analysts will be able to provide through their years of experience in search engine optimisation.

PPC auditing

PPC auditing

Our paid search specialists will conduct an audit of your PPC accounts across all relevant platforms to ensure that your PPC campaigns are performing as efficiently as they should be. Whether it's Google Ads, Bing Ads, display advertising, shopping feeds, or paid social, our paid search specialists will be able to give you the insights you need.

We'll provide recommendations on how you can better distribute your PPC campaign budget to ensure you're getting the best return for your spend. Whether you're looking to use your PPC campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy to bring in new paying customers, or utilise retargeting to keep existing customers engaged and improve their average customer values, Ascensor can make a real difference.

Social media account auditing

Social media account auditing

We'll perform an audit of your social media accounts to provide recommendations on how you can improve your organic social media strategy to build the community around your brand and increase customer engagement with it.

Organic social media strategy is an often-neglected component of digital marketing strategy but provides a great opportunity for many businesses to create a level of interactivity with your target audience that promotes business growth and repeat custom. By building brand loyalty through the development of a precisely-pitched tone of voice and social media marketing strategy, your company can build an unshakeably loyal customer base that will keep coming back for more.

CRO analysis

CRO analysis

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the art and science of analysing website user behaviour to optimise user experience and improve the conversion rates of a chosen goal.

CRO analysis can provide great ROI as it improves the frequency at which the traffic you already have coming to your website converts into customers. It could be product purchases, service enquiries or another goal objective unique to your business.

CRO is incredibly beneficial to include in any digital marketing audit as it compounds revenue impact of the traffic from all digital sources to your website. This improves ROI on your PPC campaign spend, SEO activity time and social media strategy investment.

Audit recommendations

Audit recommendations

Once our team have conducted the required in-depth audits on your website, you will be provided with a list of clear, concise recommendations.

These will be prioritised based on impact vs time to implement, so you can see the quickest results from your digital marketing audit. Our audit recommendations can either be implemented by your internal team, or ours.

We have an extensive team of specialists in paid search, SEO, keyword research, social media, web design and web development to implement our recommendations for you exactly as we intended. You'll always be given the opportunity to sign off any actions from our audits before we implement them on your website or social media accounts.

How can a digital marketing audit help your business? Know how to improve and grow your business by looking at the audit data and putting our recommendations into action.

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A digital marketing audit can help your business by providing you with a list of concise, actionable recommendations from our expert marketing analysts that will improve your brand performance and online presence across digital marketing channels.

This will make sure you have the information you need to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing campaign spend on paid search, ensure search engines can navigate your website and understand your content, and ensure your brand is able to build a consistently growing, engaged social media following.

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Digital Marketing Case Studies

Melissa Timperley logo

A post-lockdown revival fills seats for Melissa Salons

With our strategic digital marketing activities, we were able to fill up the stylists’ seats and Melissa Salons were able to re-open their salon safely with a real bang. The results included:

  • 93.82% increase in users
  • All stylists’ seats filled after re-opening
  • Direct traffic more than doubled
  • Booking form visits increased by 64%
Burgh Island logo

Results from data-driven targeting with Burgh Island

By the end of the first campaign the results spoke for themselves:

  • 37,759 link clicks
  • 727,041 people reached
  • 1,169,512 impressions

The campaign managed to drive a whopping 544.96% ROI for all advertising and management costs, with an eyewatering Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 802.95%!

Bathrooms Direct logo

Taking the plunge with Ecommerce for Bathrooms Direct

In the year following the release of their new Ecommerce site and digital marketing activity, Bathrooms Direct saw record sales and excellent site stats.

As we compare Q2 (April-June) with Q4 (October-December) we can see that:

  • There was a huge 97% increase in revenue
  • The Average Order Value grew by 35%
  • The number of Site Users increased by 53% logo

Results that could only have dreamed of

In 3 months of digital marketing, we have:

  • Reduced bounce rate by 13.86%
  • Increased average users by 170%
  • Increased new users by 179.23%
  • Increased number of transactions by 264.1%
  • Increased revenue by 254%

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