Zatu Games

The Challenge Improve efficiency and strengthen ROAS

Zatu Games were already a thriving online business when they turned to Ascensor to collaborate on a series of ongoing ad campaigns.

Zatu’s internal teams were running successful Google Shopping ads, but they wanted an experienced digital marketing agency to help them spot further opportunities to grow and improve revenue and cost per conversion.

They asked us to improve the efficiency of PPC as a channel and strengthen their return on investment.

Zatu Games on mobile
Zatu Games on mobile
Zatu Games on mobile

What We Did Personalised ads that target the right audiences

After gaining access to and setting up Zatu’s Business Manager account, Ascensor’s Paid Social and PPC teams built out a series of dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook that feature a content API.

This enabled us to create personalised ads that target the right audiences and showcase relevant titles from the Zatu catalogue to users.

We split out the product feed into categories and created more tailored ads based on Zatu’s product set, then increased the weekly budget whilst also maintaining high ROAS and a low cost per purchase.

As well as the continually-monitored series of successful ads across Facebook we’ve also created a Performance Max ad campaign that produced a substantial return on ad spend (ROAS) and merged Zatu’s existing retargeting display ad campaigns.

TikTok paid media Fresh ways to market Zatu's products

Our Paid Media team have explored a new marketing channel that relatively few brands are utilising yet - TikTok.

Much like Facebook, TikTok has its own advertising platform in which advertisers can create compelling video ads to show to more than one billion active monthly users.

Zatu asked us to find fresh ways to advertise online, and as we’d successfully proved our ability to sell their products on Facebook, TikTok was the obvious next step.

The platform is an exciting way to advertise that few agencies are currently offering as it’s still evolving - but it can be very powerful. We gained access to Zatu’s TikTok business centre and were able to create unique ‘dynamic showcase’ ads.

These catalog ads are similar to those we’d created for Facebook as they dynamically target users on TikTok based on actual products they are showing interest in on the site.

The Results Impressive Facebook ROAS

Running for six weeks, the Facebook Ads catalogue dynamic retargeting campaign produced an amazing ROAS of 1,822% - which means for every pound spent, Zatu made £18.22.

What Zatu Games said...

It’s so refreshing working with an agency that completely understand what we’re trying to achieve.

Ascensor have been proactive in exploring new avenues and demonstrating what will work best for Zatu. They’ve kept the cost per purchase price low on all of our ad campaigns and thanks to them we’re now branching out into Facebook and TikTok advertising.

The results we have achieved following their assistance have been really encouraging. Projects are tracked meticulously, they're always there for ongoing support and they’ve had have a really positive impact on our business.

A great company, a great team and great work!

Simon Budd - Zatu Games

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